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Skeeter hails from the Carolinas and was the first "bride" created by the vampire Dave, transformed over twenty years ago. She was with him when he turned Lacie North, later called Mink. Skeeter and the other four vampire women eventually killed Dave and took to the road. While in New York City, Skeeter fed on a musician named Rhys Campbell. She neither killed nor turned him, leaving Rhys a sort of half-vampire. When the two subsequently met up in California, they discovered they shared a bond. This proved invaluable as Rhys discovered a council of vampired had passed a death sentence on Skeeter for her wanton feeding. With the help of her friends, some bikers, the lost souls of some suicides, and an occult investigator hired by Rhys, she managed to survive the soldiers sent to kill her. 
The most flirtatious of the Vamps, Skeeter enjoys singing in spite of having an awful voice. She has been known to cry tears of blood. Skeeter is the eldest of the Vamps and the others wonder if she has some secrets that she isn't telling them.

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