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He makes his first appearance in the genext united series where he is revealed to share a past with Henry Mcoy, the x-men's beast. He is a god comparable to Thor in power. 
He allied with Genext when the evil goddess Kalima attacked India. He also holds a grudge against the von dooms as seen with his treatment of Sophie Von Doom.


Skanda possesses superhuman stregth, endurance and durability. In addition to this he is extremely long-live and seems to be completely immune to aging thus making him immortal. As the Hindu god of War he is a master of a variety every known combat skill. Skanda is also a master of all Indian weaponry modern and ancient and proficient with most of the weapons of the world.
He is also a genius of battle strategy on the same level as the olympian ares since he is "the supreme commander of the Gods". He also has a superhuman intellect as he's regarded as the epitome of knowledge

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6'5

Weight: 630 lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Black

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