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Skald is a powerful demon king who, with his demon horde, lead an attack on Redhangir.  During one of the attacks he killed Thorvald, the chief of the small viking village. Originally summoned by Hela to aid in her battle against Asgard, Skald and his horde of demons stopped to attack Redhangir on their journey.  The terror of Skald was short-lived, as Thor would soon arrive to defend Redhangir.
Thor was already weakened from his battle with Hela, something Skald took full advantage of.  He would eventually be killed when Thor summoned a powerful bolt of lightening, ripping him apart.  His horde would soon flee from battle.
Skald is a large and intimidating demon.  He wields a massive mace-like weapon with extraordinary crushing powers and his belt is composed of human arms.

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