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Warriors Three-in-One
S'kaan was genetically engineered from the genetic scraps of DNA from The Warriors Three by a group of Skrulls still loyal to the teachings of Kly'bn. Unlike other Godkillers though, S'kaan was made in haste and is essentially unfinished, had he been created while The Skrull Miltary was still around he would have been deemed unfit for battle despite the power he wields. When S'kaan was sent on a mission to eradicate a group of Skrull "Heretics" he came into conflict with Beta Ray Bill, whom the so-called "Heretics" believed to be their God.

After a brief skirmish with Bill, S'kaan was gravely injured but was spared by Bill. He was later nursed back to health by those he once sought to kill. Inspired by Bill's acts of heroism, S'kaan turned on the other Kly'bn Worshippers and became a defender of The Skrulls he had been sent to kill. S'kaan was last seen defending his fellow Skrulls from some sort of mechanical monstrosity while his allies tended to the robotic lifeforms it had harmed.

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