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After the death of the Old Gods and before the rise of the new, there was a time when monstrous shadow elementals walked he cosmos. The last of them remaining is S'ivva, the Dancer of destruction, a powerful monster whose dance could destroy the universe. When the New Gods came to power, S'ivva fell asleep under the eternal sea on New Genesis, there sleeping undisturbed for eons.
When Darkseid corrupted the Source S'ivva awoke, and immediately proceeded to carry out his purpose. With all the Gods either powerless or uncaring due to the madness in the Source, S'ivva made way to the middle point between Apokolips and New Genesis. There, he began his dance of destruction, which, when completed, would tear apart the fabric of space and time. 
To battle him, Highfather called upon Superman and Orion to stall S'ivva, while himself and

 Superman and Orion battling S'ivva
Darkseid sought to breach the Source and undo the damage Darkseid has done. 
Eventually, S'ivva has defeated when Superman and Orion tossed him through a hole in space he himself created, hurling him to the rupture in the Source wall created by Highfather and Darkseid. S'ivva was pulled into the Source wall, becoming a part of it forever.
S'ivva's powers were wast. As a shadow elemental, he was immune to the powers of Gods, like Omega effect and Astro force, which is why Highfather had to draft Superman to help them. 
He possessed great strength, so much that Orion and
 S'ivva's dance
Superman combined could barely even scratch him, and could only succeed in throwing him off balance.
S'ivva's greatest power, however, is his ability to rip apart space and time . During the battle he has caused numerous holes in the universe simply by moving his arms. the greatest use of this power is in his dance, which, had he ever completed it, would completely tear apart the universe.

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