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Blue Lantern

Status: Active

Space Sector: 4

GLC Partner(s): unknown

Homeworld: unrevealed

Predecessor: none

Successor: n/a

Sister Sercy is the fourth being to be inducted into the Blue Lantern Corps. As is Blue Lantern protocol, Sercy was selected by Brother Hynn to bring hope to her sector of space. Sercy was taken to Odym to be inducted into the corps by Ganthet and Sayd. After finishing her schooling in the ways of the ring, Sercy hoped to return to her home planet to save her people from the oppression of Evil Star. Sercy had just come to Odym with Brother Hynn when Larfleeze and his Orange Lantern Corps attacked Odym, seeking a blue ring of his own.


  • Control over hope:The user has control over hope
  • Cancel out the effects of the red power ring:If worn, the user will be freed of the red power ring's control
  • Recharge a green lantern power ring:The wearer can recharge a green lantern ring to twice of its maximum power
  • Discharge a sinestro lantern power ring


  • Needs a green lantern power ring:Without a green lantern power ring, the user can only fly around and they cannot tap into and access the power of the blue power ring.

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