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 Sirocco with Superman

Sirocco, a new hero operating out of Tehran, Iran, first appeared when Superman distraught by what he saw in Arion’s vision, decided to see if there was any truth in this. Traveling to Tehran, he arrived during the time that Sirocco was fighting a group of terrorists, and he helped him. Sirocco was very honored to meet Superman. Being new to the super-heroics and initially thinking of using the codename “Al-Dabaran”(He who follows) as his own, decided to use “Sirocco” instead when Superman called him this way having seen the future. Wanting to know more about him, they went somewhere else to talk. Sirocco told him that he received his powers by fighting and killing a wind Ifrit. Superman through the use of his senses, knew that he was lying and asked him about Khyber. Sirocco became angry and took Superman to a place where he said that he killed Khyber by himself.


Powers and Abilities

During his appearances Sirocco displayed the following abilities:

  • Super Speed: He was capable of running a distance of 100 km in 4 sec.
  • Wind Manipulation: He held back some cyberwolves with a wall of wind.
  • Immortality: He could recover from injuries and could not die as long as Khyber was alive.
  • Martial Arts: He displayed martial art skills sufficient to fight a group of terrorists and Khyber’s cyberwolves.


Alternative Versions

In the future shown to Superman by Arion, Sirocco was a member of the resistance force lead by Lex Luthor against Khyber and his armies. Even though he was injured when he saved Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen from some cyberwolves, he managed to recover enough in order to participate in the final battle against Khyber. There he delivered the final blow to Khyber, who was weakened from his battle with the returned Superman, killing him and himself in the process but fulfilling his destiny.

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