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The Siris originate from the planet Yormot/Yomrot. Also known as Sirius II since it is the second planet circling the star Sirius. They should not be confused with their former neighbors, the Sirians from planets Sirius III and and Sirius IV. (The Sirians were the race of Ixar. Sirius III fell to war with an unnamed race, Sirius IV fell to the Quist.) 
The Siris are a race of sentient cephalopods (resembling the octopuses, squids and cuttlefish of Earth). The average individual has ten tentacles. Two of them have finger-like appendages and effectively serve as hands. Their tentacles are covered with suction disks. Their average height is 6 feet (1,82 meters) .  
 The race has developed a planet-wide technocracy. They have an advanced level of technology, its proudest achievement being "moderately advanced warp-drive starships". Faster than most flying vehicles on Earth. Their culture is described as "imperialistic, ruthless" and openly contemptuous of others.  

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