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Finally making his stand

Sir Penwood is an admiral in the British arm, A small tubby man who always seems to have the weight of the world hanging on his shoulders, responsible for communication as denfence, Many see him as incapable of the job role. It is Arthur Hellsing who first makes good use on Penwood asking him for helicopters and new weapons. A silent and fearful man he is often looked down on and will always follow the crowd, When he was first introduced to integral he called her a little gril and was soon put in his place by the young Integral, Telling him that she is the head of this family and with a smile, told him that she would make the same demands of Penwood as her father had.

Years later during the invasion of London, we soon discover that a member of the inner cricle has betaryed the rest of them and become a vampire, he is soon dispatched by Walter and Sir Integra apologises to Penwood as she thought out of all of them he would betray them, He tell her he may be many things but a coward is not one of them. Integra leaves the command centre of London in his hands, knowing it will soon be over ran by the vampire armies, He orders his men to leave and go home but they ignore him and tell him to sit and allow them to get to work as he will only get in the way. His men are all killed and he is left alone to face a platoon of German vampires as they break into the command centre, He calls them fools and tries to press a button. The German commander shoots him four times and then screams for him to stop, Penwoods last words "Sorry I can not oblige....Goodbye Integra." pressing the button lets the c4 round the building explode taking the German platoon with him as he dies. His courage and bravery shone over his incapability. 

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