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Like the other Bastards of Evil, Devin Touhy was a normal teenager from the American Southwest, specifically Nevada, who was kidnapped and experimented on by the Superior. Exposed to Hawking radiation and subjected to "personal narrative implants," Devin believed himself to be Singularity, the son of Graviton. Like the other Bastards, he performed several acts of wanton terrorism around the country, recorded via personal camera drones and then uploaded online. He eventually appeared with the other Bastards in New York where they cause havoc and attack innocent civilians.
Singularity and the rest of the Bastards would come into conflict with various heroes called the Young Allies. Singularity was hoping his "father" was watching the carnage, wanting to honor his legacy by destroying the heroes that opposed him and show the world that he was the son of Graviton. Singularity would use his gravitational powers to toss Arana towards the Statue of Liberty at a high rate of speed but she is saved by Toro. Singularity engages Gravity in combat but the hero takes him down with a flying punch before Warhead causes a massive explosion with his radioactive powers.
After the explosion, the Bastards targeted the Young Allies to make an example of them after they disrupted their acts of terrorism. Singularity in particular attempted to vie for the role of field leader among the Bastards, a role that was given instead to Aftershock. The tension between the two eventually boiled over when  Araña revealed to the rest of the Basards that Aftershock was not who she claimed to be. This caused the two rivals to butt heads, with Singularity claiming that Aftershock wasn't fit for leadership. During a fight, Aftershock attacked Singularity by transforming into her electrical state and running through him.
The high voltage attack didn't kill Singularity, but it did restore his actual memories. He remembered what the Superior had done to him and the other Bastards, and attempted to attack him. While he was ripped apart by the Superior's telekinetic ability for his insolence and presumably killed, his distraction gave the Young Allies enough of an opportunity to get the upper hand and defeat the remaining Bastard.

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