kfhrfdu_89_76k's Singles Theory #1 review

Almost everyone act like jerks.

This is my 36. CV-review...I`ve written three today, and I`m exhausted with it...

What I like.

The book consist of three colors. Blue, black and white (Black isn`t a color you say? Shut up!). That`s cool.

The writing, pictures and stuff like that is good/great once again.

This has short stories. I like them (as you may already know). Wanna know why? Because if they are one-shots, and if the maker(s) of the story is/are talented enough, they can get a complete, stand-alone-stories out of them. And stand-alone-stories are awesome.

It`s in the shape of a pocketbook. Nice change from all the other Monsieur Jean books, that are all album-sized.

Over 115 pages!

Felix jabbers about stuff in an angry fashion, but he deserves to do so, and mostly he is right. well, of course, that means that Dupuy and Berberian are right, too.

What I don`t like.

Too many blank pages. So "artistic"...

I would like to correct what I wrote to the title. Almost everyone don`t act like jerks. Almost everyone in this ARE jerks.

-Jean does something shitty (oops, a cuss-word). He does something terrible accidently and doesn`t tell about it. Way to go...Of course it can be argued that it wouldn`t do anyone any good to tell about it. But seriously, that`s complete bull. Then he gets away with it.

-Cathy doesn`t tell either.

-Some strangers act really badly, but I guess that`s no suprise.

-Two women get fuzzed up because of something that isn`t a big deal.

-Almost everyone at the birthday party is a total, absolute jerk.

-Felix purposely disturbs Cathy and Jean while they`re doing it. That`s funny, though.

So, should you read it.

Yes, you should still read it. Maybe even buy it.


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