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Jay was born into a broken family from the start.   His father left even before he was born and his mother wasn’t all that much better off.   By the time he turned eight she was already addicted to alcohol and drugs and finally skipped out on him, disappearing much like his father.   This was hard on Jay but it wasn’t too much of a change since his grandmother had always been his main caretaker.

Young Jack and Jason

As he turned twelve his powers manifested on accident.   The flames horribly burned his hands and his new powers caused him shame and embarrassment.   He hated being different and hated his powers not only for the damage they did to his hands, but also because they were what made him different.   Shortly after his powers appeared another Unique showed up named Quake who was much more accepting of his powers.   He taught Jay, who took the name Singe, control over his powers and how to take pride in what he was.   Quake was soon accepted into the family despite his mysterious origins.   The duo took to the streets of Detroit to help the people there with their powers.

 When the New York Disaster came onto the news Quake decided it was time to move on and help people outside of the Motor City.   Singe followed his partner-in-crime and left his only home in the night.   His grandmother reported him kidnapped but eventually came to except his choice to leave and help other people.   For two years Quake and Singe wandered town to town alternating between helping people and running from authority.


New Guard

When Telepath went looking for Uniques for her New Guard she found Quake and Singe.   Quake joined which meant Singe did as well.   The two of them had years to hone their teamwork but only with each other so the first time training together didn’t go as planned.   The team almost broke it off before giving it another try.   The team decided to stay together despite the need to iron out a few things and since Quake stayed Singe stayed.

After training together for a while Quake managed to convince Telepath to let the team hang out together somewhere that didn’t involve holographic enemies.   Quake and Singe took everyone bowling, their favorite pastime.   Before the duo managed to rope anyone into a second round, the news report of an attack close by changed everyone’s focus.   They decided to take down Annihigator, their first fight outside of the training room.   Singe helped take down the Mouthtooth minions and put the large monster to sleep.   Their victory started a train of good publicity which Singe enjoyed since Telepath managed to keep the police off of their tail.

Taking matters into their own hands

As the team was out in a karaoke bar for some fun, the Goth Girls captured everyone by Singe and Kid Quick.   The two were left on their own to try and track down their missing teammates.   With some help from Kid Quick’s father, Speed, the two tracked down Jaquelyne Pryde to try and find more about the Goth Girls.   Despite her less-than-helpful information Kid Quick used her father’s connections to help lead them to where the rest of the New Guard was being held.   They broke into the building just as their teammates broke out; they were just in time to join into the fight against the Goth Girls.   Singe tried to help take down Rage but it took Quake to finish her off, building and all.

After the ordeal with the Girls, Quake and Singe helped re-do the New Guard’s headquarters to make it more like a home.   Since joining the team the duo moved into the headquarters but everyone used it.   After trying to relax at a barbecue, tensions started to rise among the team.   Quake, and thus Singe, were completely against registering the super team while Telepath, Motherboard and Kid Quick were all for it.   To keep Quake, Singe and Scout in the team Telepath decided to take the team to Washington D.C. to try to get amnesty from a family friend, the hero Countryman.

Saved by Virtue

Just as they showed up Countryman and the Taskforce all try to take over in place of the President.   The New Guard realized that they were there to help protect the President even though Countryman was on Taskforce.   Singe, Quake and Michael all served as a distraction of the government agents outside.   Singe ended up against Faith until he tried to attack her which pushed her over the edge.   Once Michael and Quake knocked her out Singe spent his time trying to avoid being killed by Dreadnaught.   Just as Dreadnaught seemed to have them trapped, Michael and Singe were saved by Virtue as the rest of the team saved the President.   The President gave the team permission to stay unregistered for helping him and Singe and Quake got to stay with the team they felt at home with.


Powers and Abilities

Attacking Annihilgator

Singe has the ability to manipulate and create fire and heat.   The fire starts at his hands but he can shoot it as a blast or manipulate it in any way he wishes.   He can also absorb fire from another source although this must later be “released.”   He is now immune to his own flames but he was not originally causing severe burns on his hands.   Although never trained, Singe has also fought in the streets enough to have rudimentary combat skills.


Personal Data


Height : 5’7”
Weight: 140 lbs.
Eyes: Light brown
Hair: Dark blond


Known Relatives : Unknown father, Mother (left), Rosie Klyne (grandmother)
Citizenship: U.S.A
Place of Birth: Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Unlicensed superhero
Education: Unknown

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