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473459 purplevortex13 Character Overview 06/30/14 09:15AM 4 Approved
461127 TheGentlemanBadger Character Overview 06/16/14 04:08PM 1 Approved
318796 ScarletWitchFever Character Overview 12/29/13 12:09AM 36 Approved
318788 ScarletWitchFever Character Overview 12/28/13 11:55PM 53 Approved
186835 CrazyScarecrow Character Overview Took out Geoff Johns as a creator of Sinestro. Also added his first appearance to the "Creation" part of his wiki. 08/18/13 12:00PM 9 Approved
167018 The_Tree Character Overview 07/29/13 06:37AM 16 Approved
156031 flazam Character Overview 07/20/13 02:32AM 2 Approved
156021 flazam Character Overview 07/20/13 02:30AM 16 Approved
81851 sinestro_GL Character Overview Added image in 'Wrath of the First Lantern' 05/26/13 09:27AM 1 Approved
81799 sinestro_GL Character Overview Changes made in 'Wrath of the First Lantern' 05/26/13 07:45AM 158 Approved
81606 scouts1998 Character Overview 05/26/13 03:42AM 36 Approved
81175 pikahyper Character Overview 05/25/13 04:53PM 2 Approved
79671 scouts1998 Character Guide 05/25/13 04:19AM 10 Approved
77532 Tandaemonium Character Overview Updated the end sentence to his mini-bio to the current status quo. 05/23/13 09:31PM 16 Approved
77205 Mucklefluga Character Overview 05/23/13 01:36PM 1 Approved
76718 pikahyper Character Overview 05/23/13 08:31AM 2 Approved
44666 halovsmarvel Character Overview 05/01/13 07:33AM 1 Approved
44664 halovsmarvel Character Overview 05/01/13 07:32AM 82 Approved
4070 Shazam78 Character Overview A picture of the Thing fighting the Hulk and a photo of a topless blonde don't belong on the Sinestro page. Might want to flag the one who posted them. 03/29/13 05:32PM 200 Approved

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