Respect Sinestro - new 52

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This is my first attempt at a respect thread, so I'll consider it a win if i even get the pictures to load:)

(Turning a member of the Sinestro Corps into a regular corpse)

(Repairing an entire bridge whilst simultaneously saving everyone)

(Creating a telescope to spy from afar)
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(Changing his GL costume to stealth mode, which hal didn't even know could be done)
(Creating 100 functional power rings at once)
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Badass. (just try not to post to many full panel scans. Crop em if you can)

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Sure thing, sorry. To be honest I had created cropped versions, and then loaded the files from the wrong folder. I'll be more careful in future

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Very good.

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nice job. keep up the good work! :)

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@Cosmic_Hobo: Cool do you have more

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yea dude thts ausome pics man good just sinestro is my favorite lantern of all time hes my 3 favorite chachater out comicbooks perioid

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New 52 Sinestro is the reason behind my username


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Very nice job

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I guess I will update this thread in honor of the new Sinestro series!!!

Green Lantern #2

Able to create a platform, a giant hand, and his head (arguably regular size :) )

Able to create another ring without any effort.

The ring that Sinestro created for Hal (and the others as seen in the posts above) cannot harm him. And can turn it off.

Green Lantern #7

Able to create a gun

Knows some fighting skills and able to throw Hal off him

He is also able to create a knife and could have killed Hal there.

Green Lantern #19

Sinestro was able to hurt the First Lantern, a reality warper who in the same issue ends up destroying the planet Korugar.

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Destroying rings and making rings is very impressive.

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