His daughter? (Spoilers)

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So Soranik Natu is Sinestro's daughter? I can honestly say that I did not in the least expect this, but then again, it  makes perfect sense in a cheesy Silver age comic way.

Any thoughts?
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i have seen pics of her before but didnt know anything about her. i thought about them being related if not atleast from the same planet

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She's the daughter of Space Hitler

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not surprised

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SUNMAN said:
"not surprised"

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inferiorego said:
"She's the daughter of Space Hitler"
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Keith Giffen said:
Given time, two totally unrelated characters, if they appear together enough, will turn out to be blood related. What's the deal with that?

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inferiorego said:
"She's the daughter of Space Hitler"
you forgot the (c)

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