Hal and Sinestro

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I just wanted to see what people would think if there was some sort of series that explained the relationship between Hal and Sinestro, would it be ongoing or limiting? miniseries or maxiseries? what would you think about it?
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I think you could do like an 8 issue mini series.
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I realise that and have read it, maybe I did not make myself clear, I would like to see some sore of series giving a more in depth story about thier relationship.

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hal jordan and sinestro hate each other but they had to team up in blackest night

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I want to know how the Guardians are supposed to be watching Sinestro closely but he can some how create a lantern ring with his own and control it. He can essentially make an all new GL corps with all it's members under his control. I am extremely excited to see them fight along side one another to take down the Sinestro Corps. I am really enjoying where this is going.

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