Five Revelations from GREEN LANTERN #6 & The Book of the Black

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In comic books, we're often shown glimpses into the future. They can give an idea of what might happen. Usually the visions or predictions are proven false as the heroes gather together to prevent what could mean the end for them.

When it comes to Green Lantern comics, the Book of the Black holds many secrets. Scar, the former Guardian of the Universe, was the keeper of the book but the possession shifted to Lyssa Drak.

Now that Sinestro has set his sights on Lyssa, revelations have been unleashed. The future fates of Sinestro, Hal, the Guardians and many others have been shown. There will be some spoilers from GREEN LANTERN #s 5 & 6. Be sure to read those issues before continuing below.

== TEASER ==

When Sinestro reaches for Lyssa and the book, he tears out a page. He is immediately overloaded with visions.

There's a lot going on in this single page. Some of it we saw in the last issue but some other visions are brand new.

The Guardians' Plans

At the end of GREEN LANTERN #5, we saw some of what the Guardians have planned. They talk about going to the Chamber of Shadows to free the First Lantern. Who is the first Lantern? Where is this chamber and why is the Lantern trapped or imprisoned there? Who else is in the chamber with the First Lantern? The Guardians have gotten darker with their planning and direction. The idea that this First Lantern will lead the third army (the first was the Manhunters and the second is the Green Lantern Corps). Who or what is the third army and what will it mean for the GL Corps? From the vision above, it doesn't look good for the Corps.

Sinestro and the Indigo Tribe

Back in GREEN LANTERN #66, Sinestro was trapped in the Book of the Black. During this time, he came across Indigo, only she said that wasn't her name and she was imprisoned by Abin Sur. The next story arc is "The Secret of the Indigo Tribe." In the vision above, Sinestro is seen as a member of the Tribe. Does this mean Sinestro has or could learn to have compassion?

The Return of Black Hand and Death of Hal Jordan?

When we last saw Black Hand in BLACKEST NIGHT #8, he was under the control of the Indigo Tribe. In the latest vision, he appears to have regained his facilities. That in itself would be something to cause concern. Black Hand is also seen standing over an apparently dead Hal Jordan. How do we know he's dead and not just wounded? The fact that his ring is leaving his hand as well as the message, "Green Lantern 2814 Deceased" pretty much spells it out.

Is Hal actually going to die? He's already been there. The chances of him dying again are pretty slim. But he's going to have to be on his toes in order to prevent it.

Ganthet with a White Power Ring

We haven't seen the White Lanterns since the end of BRIGHTEST DAY. After the mission was over, the White Power Battery simply disappeared.

Now that Ganthet has been stripped of his emotions and the Guardians are acting a bit evil, Ganthet having a White Ring can't be good.

The Death of Sinestro

What does the future hold for Sinestro? Clearly the Guardians won't be happy when they find out what he's been up to. They stripped Hal of his ring yet Sinestro managed to create one for him to use. Sinestro has his own agenda and would have no problem standing up to the Guardians. With their talk of the First Lantern and the Third Army, it might be too much even for Sinestro.

How does this fit in with the vision of him as part of the Indigo Tribe? The other question is what is Sinestro going to do now that he's seen all of these visions. He can't face all of this alone. If you've seen the covers to the upcoming issues, you know he'll continue to work with Hal. You would think that being a Green Lantern would be cool and fun. But these visions show that some dark times are coming and the Green Lantern Corps is going to have it's hands full.

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Just seeing that white ring again made me smile. I'm gonna love everything that comes after this. That prophecy page was better than anything I could of hoped for to come out of this issue.

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That Lyssa Drak lady has one skimpy outfit.

The fact that such a thing surprises me in a comic book shows how tired I am.

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LOL, White Power ring.

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honestly, i'm a little tired by this death premonition... i really don't think that geoff jones, the man who created an enitre mythology about the emotional spectrum to bring back to life Hal Jordan, would kill him again... and even Sinestro cannot die now that all the interest about "Green Lantern" comic book is right about the relationship about the two formerly enemies! and, in the end, even if they die, we all know that somehow they will come back and the white ring says everything!

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You have to wonder if the White ring is the third army.

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It looks like Hal's ring is going to Black Hand.

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To think I was just slightly considering dropping Green Lantern and making it one of my "in store" reads, but that idea quickly left my mind after reading this issue, that being said here's my take... I don't think the Book of the Black was neccessarily showing Sinestro the future, but a possible future if certain things do indeed happen. As someone once stated on this site regarding the Indigo tribe they appear to be more or less slaves (for lack of a better phrase) to their rings as oppose to willing soldiers, and their membership most likely consist entirely of criminals Abin Sur came across prior to his death and forced them into this corps, also I believe it was Abin Sur who first tapped into the power of compassion and created this corps in the first place but kept it a secret from the guardians (and his fellow lanterns) as they would not have approved and would have likely kicked him out of the GL corps. Those are my predictions anyway, but we'll see next issue.

BTW Abin Sur's name is clearly referenced in the Indigo tribes oath.

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I really don't have an opinion because I don't have enough info yet, and none of us will until after the indigo tribe story arc, that being said I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE INDIGO TRIBE STORY ARC!!!!!!!!!!

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Wow. This is going to be insane. I'm curious to see where Sinestro will end up. If he will choose to be in the indigo tribe or he had no choice.

Im excited about the third army as well, I hope its not just white lantern corp.

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If Hal dies I will be super pissed. If Sinestro dies I will be mildly pissed. It's not looking good for me either way. If the GL Corps is disbanded but the characters remain i.e. all earths green lantern etc, I won't be that bothered.

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@GrandSymbiote94: It's hard to say by that image. It could be going towards him but he almost seems to not really be looking at it. It could just be flying by him.

@sethysquare: I would hope the Third Army is something new as well. The White Lantern Corps doesn't seem like it would fit. We'll have to wait and see.

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Hal and Sinestro will die. Ganthet will get his memories back and use the white ring to revive them as white lanterns to fight.

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Not big on Green Lantern #6 (mostly due to the guest artist) but I am psyched about where Green Lantern is going. Great article.

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Crazy, I'm looking forward to reading this. Before the 52 reboot I wasn't really a fan but I've really been enjoying the series so far.

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I only started reading Green Lantern with the relaunch, but I have liked it so much I've bought the trades from Blackest Night onwards. These new teases of a Third Army and The First Lantern have certainly grabbed my attention. I'm pretty sure The First Lantern was mentioned back in War of the Green Lanterns too. When reading it, I just assumed it was Krona, seeing as he made that gauntlet, but perhaps not. It's cool to think that Johns has been planning things from that far back.

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Obviously the Events of BN and BD are not being undone by the New 52 and that is good. The White Ring and Black Hand are what intrigue me the most about these revelations I must admit. But still, this whole "First Lantern" and Third Army thing is quite the puzzle to me as well, and for the life of me I cannot think of who that might be just yet. The plot thickens!

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YEa i can see Ganthet putting the Whit ering on and gaining his meotions back.

There is no way the 3rd army is going to be White Lanterns for multiple reasons. I dont think the Guardians could control the power or white energy as easily and they are always against multiple emotions. They seem set with just using will power.

I would like to see Ganthet go back to the Blue Lantern Corps and Sayd become the owner of the Orange Lantern.

I would love to be able to afford comics right now this would be the first thing i pick up

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Argh. Regretting dropping the Lantern books more and more.

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Wasn't the new 52 supposed to make the stories and characters more accessible? The GL numbers should have just kept on going.

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d*mn I have to start getting this again don't I?

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@GrandSymbiote94 said:

It looks like Hal's ring is going to Black Hand.

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@G-Man: Yeah, something other than the emotional spectrum. As much as I love it, I want something new.

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While I'm enjoying this story and all of these major revelations about Hal can we not get some more development on John and the others

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Niice, makes you wonder how long Geoff has been planning all of this

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1: I KNEW the Guardians were up to something! They're such jerks and never appreciate what the Green Lanterns have done for them.

2: Hal Jordan better NOT DIE this time!!

3: Sinestro being an Indigo member seems a little 'been there, done that' since Black Hand's been made a member.

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I say the Third army will be comprised of lanterns from all groups.

#27 Posted by Emperormeister734 (884 posts) - - Show Bio

things are getting real

#28 Posted by Video_Martian (5650 posts) - - Show Bio

@jsphsmth said:

Argh. Regretting dropping the Lantern books more and more.

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Been loving this book, but from someone who has never read GL until the reboot, I hope they explain everything to cater to the new readers. Right now, I have no idea what you guys are all talking about, and I don't want to have to supplement every issue by reading forums to figure out whats going on. Kind of defeats the purpose, No?

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I'm dropping this series. This was my first GL series and I liked how they kept everything simple...until now. I don't feel like buying or reading on Internet about previous stories.

#31 Posted by TheTrueArturoKayvee (14250 posts) - - Show Bio

This just keeps getting me more and more excited. It seems like so much could happen.

#32 Posted by Misterwizz (216 posts) - - Show Bio

Sinestro isn't going to die, Johns wouldn't let it happen.

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@Loki2u: Omens are meant to be mysterious at first. If Geoff doesn't explain himself in future issues in a way that it won't confuse new readers he's not doing his job very well.

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As a long time reader of GL I love it.

Coming from a new readers perspective... DC you are screwing up. Stop confusing me with all this Black tribe, white ring, indigo stuff and explain this slowly.

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Well it looks like either hal or sinestro will die. This looks interesting though.

#36 Posted by regrivett (52 posts) - - Show Bio

Is Hal actually a Green Lantern of Sector 2814?

Isn't his ring just a construct from Sinestro?

Couldn't the deceased lantern of Sector 2814 be John, Guy or Kyle?

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Must we keep calling them "revelations"? "Making things up as you go while rebooting your franchise because you have no respect for your own past/tradition" are not "revelations."

#38 Posted by r3d_rob1n (543 posts) - - Show Bio

If Hal's ring is searching for a replacement when he dies, does that mean that at some point in the near future he is inducted back into the GL corps by the guardians?

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@Loki2u said:

Been loving this book, but from someone who has never read GL until the reboot, I hope they explain everything to cater to the new readers. Right now, I have no idea what you guys are all talking about, and I don't want to have to supplement every issue by reading forums to figure out whats going on. Kind of defeats the purpose, No?

@Kallarkz said:

As a long time reader of GL I love it.

Coming from a new readers perspective... DC you are screwing up. Stop confusing me with all this Black tribe, white ring, indigo stuff and explain this slowly.

These pretty much sum up my feelings about where the series is going but I'll keep reading it, for now.

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@Loki2u: I feel the same way. It seems like half the books actually got rebooted and the other half just continued. Like Superman has been completely rebooted and Batman is the same. But, in Batman, Snyder has put little snippets in every issue to let you know what's going on. This has definitely not been the case with GL. To be caught up, you can read Blackest Night 1-8 and then War of the Green Lanterns and that should give you the background you need. Or you can just ask me to fill you in on any questions you have.

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@primepower53: Hmm I'm not sure if that was the first Lantern. Might have been just a guard.
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Holy cow, Sinestro joining the Indigo Tribe? I want to know what this Third Army and the First Lantern is!!! The guardians are being really paranoid. For a race that isn't suppose to feel emotions. They've become more evil now. I'm sensing another big Green Lantern Storyline that involves going to war against the Guardians and their Third Army and this First Lantern being the main villain. I'm getting the feeling this First Lantern being is probably one of the strongest ring weilders in the universe if the Guradians are planning to use him to lead this third army? Will it be another emotion or a variation of the Green Lantern Corps?

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I don't think that the ring flying off of Hal's hand and "Lantern 2814 deceased" means that HAL will die. It could possibly just mean that SINESTRO will die. Sinestro IS currently Hal's replacement so Lantern 2814 would refer to Sinestro, not Hal. And Hal's ring is just a copy of Sinestro's so maybe when Sinestro's ring leaves for a replacement it takes the copy with it...

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Any idea who's the first lantern, and leads the the 3rd army yet?

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I don't like the art in Green Lantern #6.

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