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Major Story Arcs

She grew up in warpits of Wrathworld and crafted into a potent fighter. Sinestra accompanied her master Genocide when he first searched powerful artifacts throughout the universe. They spent time in the Endless Graveyard, Lady Death's home, collecting items from her realm. Sinestra battled Lady Death until Genocide intervened, he learned Asgard's location from her and then he allowed the fight continue. Lady Death was victorious, scarring Sinestra's face with a tear across her right eye. Genocide then teleported himself and Sinestra away.

Years passed and battles saw Sinestra loose some of her claws on her appendages and replaced them with vicious metal substitutes. During the battle for Asgard Sinestra is sent to watch over Vex as she went to assassinate Vandala. In a fit of conscience Vex is unable to fulfill her duties and Sinestra finishes the task by slitting Vandala's throat but fails to kill her outright and she survives. On Wrathworld Vex is punished for disobeying orders but Sinestra is sent to Asgard again to lead the attack on the frost giants. There she meets with Lady Death again and the battle is fierce between them but Lady Death is more powerful and wins. Sinestra's forces are defeated and she is left on the battlefield, barely alive, to report back to Genocide as a humiliation greater than death. genocide calmly condems her back to the warpits as fodder and replaces her with his far stronger daughter, and mother to Sinsetra, Scorpia.

Powers And Abilities

Sinestra has 6 extra legs growing from her back, claws on each of them; She has stingers on both forearms; She can shape her fingers more claw-like and razor sharp; She can cling to walls; She shoots webbing out of her mouth and can spin webs to cling to and bind people on like a spider.

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