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Maurice and her twin, Gospel, were children of the original Sentinel, Savannah, and the demon lord, Damien. As a child Maurice wasn't relieved of his curse like his sister. When Savannah disappeared she made sure Maurice and Michelle were well taken care of at the monastery. As a child Maurice was physically fit, but struggled to control his raging power. He was also worried with what might happen if Damien ever returned. When the Sentinels began to form, Maurice was eager to join knowing, if anything would happen to him, his sister would have people to help her.

The Sentinels disbanded after Switchfast's, but a some time later they regrouped. At this reunion a horde of demons attacked and kidnapped Sin. He was taken to his father's realm where his father hoped to use him, along with 7 virgins, to crossover into Earth's plane. The ceremony began, but the Sentinels showed up to save him. Eventually, Maurice was able to break control and he released his anger onto his father. For a second he believed that he killed him until he got back up and started to do the final actions necessary to crossover. Gospel, in a last ditch effort, took Maurice's curse upon herself and was able to defeat Damien at the cost of her life. Before she died she was able to teleport the Sentinels home.

Back on Earth, Maurice began to spend some quality time with Harlette who was told they have a connection to one another. The two returned to Maurice's apartment where he went for a change in his look. He shaved his head and brought out a new suit that was a bit more angelic. Maurice, along with the rest of the Sentinels, returned to the scene of their former base which was destroyed in the demon horde attack where Sin was kidnapped. When they arrived they were ambushed by Squadron 7 and Maurice fought Adlivon, who he believes he had a connection to. The team managed to beat the Squadron, but before they could relax they were abducted by aliens.

On the alien spaceship the males and females of the team were separated. The guys were sent to a prison area that they managed to escape from. When they finally found the girls it was not a comfortable moment. Harlette was in the middle of the room with several dead guards lying around her. Maurice tried his best to comfort her. The team managed to escape and Maurice tried to remain optimistic, but the damage was done and the team disbanded again.

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