He would be the perfect villian for a Spidey move!!!!!!!

#1 Posted by whirlwind6 (309 posts) - - Show Bio

His story makes great movie material!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Just cut out all the religous stuff from his origion.  It makes Christian's look bad.

#2 Posted by Dredd Judge (56 posts) - - Show Bio
He seems to much like Punisher to me and people who go see and only know the movies not the comics will see that.
#3 Posted by infonation (1666 posts) - - Show Bio

@whirlwind6: It COULD work... But are you SURE people should be offended by the religeous stuff? Sin Eater doesn't quote the bible because he wants to MACK God's work he does it because he really does think that he's DOING God's work!

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