Will We Visit SIN CITY Again?

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Whashappenin’ with SIN CITY 2?  

 Portent of the future?

When the first movie dropped in ’05, the prospect of a sequel following soon after seemed as certain as the lethality of a Colt .45 gunshot to your temple. But it’s been close to five years since the Frank Miller/Robert Rodiguez directorial double-team got to show us around the city where anything can be found if you walk down the right alley... and there’s been nothing concrete.

Sure, there’s been announcements of a new screenplay floating around (one that would have brand-new adventures for Nancy Callahan).  But if we currently can’t reach the cartoonist or director for answers, maybe we should go to the star?  

 In case you forgot...
But Ms. Alba hasn’t seen anything.

"I've never read a script, no.   [But Robert Rodiguez and I] talk all the time. He's really a dear friend of mine, and I'd do anything for him. Collaborating with him on [SIN CITY] was so much fun. He knows how to portray very powerful women. [SIN CITY] was cool. It had humor and it was sexy and it was action-packed. There's nothing like a Robert Rodriguez movie."

So she told Splash Page while promoting VALENTINE’S DAY.  But why hear it from me when she can tell you (if you live in the US)?  


Can you BELIEVE it that she and Rodriguez have conversations that DON'T revolve around SIN CITY?  

 Will it look like this?

Seeing more B&W cinematic adventures starring Nancy, Dwight and Marv seems to get less likely as the years go along.  Miller said at one point that he wanted movie #2 to be an adaptation of A DAME TO KILL FOR (a much better Dwight story than THE BIG FAT KILL, in my opinion) but he’s been putting attention on THE SPIRIT and an adaptation of BUCK ROGERSin all this intervening time. Plus, after Britney Murphy’s recent passing, it would seem a lot harder to do that story now (barring a re-casting) as her character Shellie plays a significant part in it.

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I hope we do get a Sin City 2. The first was awesome.

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Britney Murphy passing hurt the sequal some .An those who claimed she died of drugs should Apoligize to the family.She died of pnemonia . 
Her part could be recast .A tasful acknowledgement at the beging or end an they can carry on.But i belive as noted they was talking a new storie instead of apeing the books.Id much rather have the books doen then new stories my self.
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I mean, they could recast Shelly but at this point I'd actually rather seem them write the character out (make it work, Rob!). Sin City is still one of my favorite films, so I hope we'll eventually get a sequel. What they really need is Johnny Depp as Wallace and keeping Miller's work behind the camera minimal (the Spirit really showed Rodriguez is what brought Sin City to life on screen so well, given too much power Miller is batshit insane).
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they talk all the time because Rodriquez wanst to stick it to her
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I hope so Sin City is the best Comic Movie I ever seen

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I'd be fine with another Sin City film as long as the script is good and makes sense and Miller doesn't direct it.

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