'A Dame To Kill For' Movie Adds Actresses Jaime King And Jamie Chung

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We've been hearing a lot about the upcoming movie Sin City: A Dame To Kill For which is being written by SIN CITY writer Frank Miller, and being directed by Robert Rodriguez. The film, which is being adapted from Miller's graphic novel will implement elements we saw in the original book as well as some new things Miller has cooked up specifically for the film adaptation. The film will likely see the return of various actors and actresses to reprise their roles, but it seems we will also be seeing some new faces.

Earlier today, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that actresses Jaime King and Jaime Chung have signed on for Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For. What characters these two actresses will be portraying, however, remains to be seen. Actors that are said to be returning to the film so far include Mickey Rourke, Jessica Alba and Rosario Dawson. You might recall having seen Rourke's character, Marv, die in the first film; so how will they be bringing him back? Well, just like in Miller's graphic novel, A Dame To Kill For will be a prequel to Sin City; meaning that the events in the second film take place beforehand.

According to THR, actress Jaime King will be playing the part of Goldie's twin sister, Wendy (the actress played Goldie in the first film) and Jamie Chung will play the role of Miho in place of actress Devon Aoki who played the part in the first film. The role of Ava, the femme fatale, has yet to be filled.

What do you think about the news? Are you looking forward to the sequel?

Source: THR

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@TheCheeseStabber said:



And Jamie King, hellz yeah

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@The King of Kings: I use to hate Mickey Rourke until I saw the first film.

Even my mother liked it and she hates comics and comic films

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Loveeeeee Jamie Chung!

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I dont get was Jaimie King iint he first one?

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Looking forward to this.

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Makes sense, cause there definately dames to kill for jk :)

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I would love to see several more Sin City movies done by Rob Rodriguez. I absolutely adore the first one. Just the feel that I got from watching it. If felt so true.

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Still have yet to see the first one, but awesome I say. Awesome!

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I wish Devon stayed on , she was the best part , can't imagine Jaime as Miho i still can't imagine her as Mulan , even though she been playing Mulan

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Sweet, glad they're bringing in Miho. Maybe we'll get more comments on her battles in the battles forum after it comes out!

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Glad they are finally getting this done. I remember when the first film came out they were already in talks to create the next two back to back, filming at the same time similar to LOTR. Not always a fan when they do a prequal and bring back characters, especially when its years later and the actors have aged.

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King played both Goldie and Wendy in the first film. But mostly Wendy. Goldie's the one who died in her first scene. Despite that, Marv does repeatedly call Wendy by her sister's name.

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Hopefully Dwight comes back too.

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For once, I'm kind of glad they replaced an actor in a sequel. Nothing against devon aoki, but she always had this odd look about her to me, most because of her mixed heritage. Look up the Miho art from the comic and Devon really was not a good fit, superficially speaking anyway.

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No Devon Aoki as Miho=not really interested.

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