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By some divine instrument of destiny or by the bestowing of an innate talent by the powers that be, Fry, Leela, Bender, and Scruffy find themselves representing the Earth on the Olympic swurling team under the tutelage of hall of fame swurling coach Vic Lebruteski. But what is really behind their newfound abilities, and what exactly is in it for the coach and Planet Express. It appears that they will soon be putting their lives on the line in front of an universal arena that is out for blood. Capture the spirit of the games in November!

  1. Bart's Beard (Bart wants to grow a beard)
  2. Snow Brawl (Lisa vs Bart and Milhouse in a snowball fight)
  3. Of Mice And Menace! (starring Li'l Itchy & Scratchy)
  4. Lunch Pales (what happens when Bart forgets his lunch? What will he eat?)
  5. The Madness Of Milhouse (Milhouse becomes a school TV star)
  6. Bart's People (letters and fan art)

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