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Open wide and say, "Ha!" Popular with patients and able to dispense medical advice with perfect timing, Springfield's newest doctor will keep you in stitches and deliver big laughs. But Dr. the Clown may soon discover that when matters get stickier than a banana crème pie in the kisser, laughter is the worst medicine.

1. Laughter Is the Worst Medicine (written by Ian Boothby)

Homer's brain explodes after over-participating in an eating contest, and his "taste-pleasure" center is damaged. Too bad Dr Hibbert and Dr. Nick aren't feeling well, but luckily(?) Krusty accidentally got a medical degree, and by law, has to take care of people needing medical attention. Under Krusty's care, Homer loses a lot of weight, which makes Marge worry. But there is a procedure that involves moving Homer's "sense of fashion" center of his brain to fix his "taste-pleasure" center. Mmmmm, taste pleasure center...

2. Down Home Doctorin' Time (written by Gail Simone)

Doctor Hibbert gets his own medical TV show, but it isn't graphic or hardcore enough. Can Dr. Hibbert get with the program or is his show destined to be unplugged?

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