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Brief History

The popular girl at Midtown High from booster blue and school student council. Simone and May became instant rivals when they competed for the spot as student body president for their class. While they rang neck to neck. eventually May gave her seat over to Davida Kirby, which angered Simone greatly. Unable to beat out Davida, she withdrew from the election and became focused on making May pay. Simone has had her eyes set on Gene Thompson for a while now and is trying to make May jealous of her affections towards him. She is also trying to show Gene that May can't be counted on and is pressuring May to try out for cheerleading and other after school events that she can't handle. Simone later learned that Gene Thompson was behind May's smear campaigned and intended to use it against May until Wes Westin over heard it. Wes faced him before Gene punched him, telling him not to tell anyone. Eventually May came after Gene after he had beaten up Wes and ended up revealing by accident what the fight was really about. May break up with Gene and left him alone. It was recently revealed that Simone is the daughter of Rene DeSantos the current leader of the Order of the Goblin. Fury attacked Midtown High and while she was unable to take Rene prisoner she settled and took Simone instead revealing to Simone her father's true career in the criminal underworld. She has since left Midtown following her father's arrest and the take down of the Order of the Goblin.

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