So I Checked My Mailbox Today...

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@aztek_the_lost said:

@Vance Astro: you like Simon Bisley? I wasn't sure if you would or not

I don't have a clue who he is. I was saying "Nice" because of the part about decorating your house with fantasy babes. 
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@Vance Astro: oh, well that's good enough for me...he's currently the guy doing the Hellblazer and Deathstroke covers though he did a bunch of other stuff in the 90's

I looked up his credentials.I don't think he's written anything i've read accept Grendel: War Child.
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Well, ain't you living life classy.

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@aztek_the_lost: If I do, will you promise not to make fun of me?

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@aztek_the_lost: You'd be jealous of yourself if you made fun of me? Is this some inception type sh*t?

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I'm starting to think your Biz obsession may be bordering on the unhealthy o.o then again you are pretty young so maybe not.

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Oh man thats so awesome!! I have some Heavy Metal. I have some old Heavy Metal that I inherited from Uncles. Simon Bisley's work I like. Really gritty. Great artist. I have art books by Luis Royo? Anyway cool, my walls are just covered by my finger prints and pencil smudges. (I use to put my own art on the wall, then I felt egotistical doing that, then I realized I was leaving pencil smudges on them... totally looks like i own a pet monkey that climbs walls)

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@aztek_the_lost: I dunno you do talk about him a lot and you chastised me a couple times for not liking him :P

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Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge props!!!!


- I'm obsessed with Bisely too, and that's because his art is something that should be obsessed over (I ask everyone at this point but have you read Bodycount?)

- Art is fantastic and one should be open as far as possible to express and enjoy it. It increases the quality of life, something I wish for you all

- The human body and nature is beautiful and in itself art, so the same approach should be applied as above.

- I respect style. Be that people that style them self, or their domicile.

You have my blessing on this and congratulations of course.

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@aztek_the_lost: I love Royo, he does actually put out art prints, tons of them, I've got five or six of them, they are poster sized and retail for around $45, you can find them sometimes for $15-20 online.

Have you ever heard of Katsuya Terada? The guy does beautiful work and it is definitely wall worthy and some aspects of his work like the creatures he draws are very Biz-esque (check the cow head hat in the below image), Dark Horse put out a print portfolio for him back in 2004, six color prints for $20 (40% off right now at tfaw).

EDITED: stupid spoiler barely ever works for me...

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pics or it didn't happen.

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@aztek_the_lost said:

@Billy Batson said:

pics or it didn't happen.

pics of what? I don't have a camera to take pictures of my house...

the best I could do is post here the posters I bought and mention where they are located in my apartment

pics of the posters.

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@pikahyper: Okay, I love four-five of those images (it'd be easier to appreciate them if they were larger though) but I'm confused, is that release a book or those six images in poster form? Idk what print portfolio infers.

A print portfolio is usually some type of cardboard folder/case that holds loose prints of the same size, this particular print portfolio has six loose prints that are about 6 inches larger then an absolute (342.9mm x 263.525mm), they are printed on glossy high stock thick paper and then each print also comes with a black and white version on thinner paper explaining the piece so in total it has the oversized cardboard folder and when you open it it has a thick piece of cardboard to keep it from being damaged, six prints and 6 paper introduction pieces. Once you open the case all six prints can be dropped into frames or just attached to a wall but that would damage them.

Edited to add:

From what I've seen print portfolio's are not very common in North America, they are popular in Asia and parts of Europe (Spain & Italy and maybe the UK). I know Royo has a few print portfolio's.

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