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They are outlawed class of androids, the Nexgen Seven Simm (Sex Imperative Male Model). The gland in it's mouth secrete mood altering agents that are released when kissing target, and renders them suseptible to suggestions. Depending on the target's sex the kiss increases the person's production of testosterone or pheromone. It also has anti-anxiety drugs in its fingertips that upon touch is released into the victim's bloodstream. They that have been enhanced for MAPPO's purposes to deliver neurochips to the rehabilitated Elephantmen.

Major Storyline

Touch and Kiss

Following the crash of the meteor into Santa Monica Bay, a young man calling himself Simm came to the aid of Vanity Case,he tells that he's a reporter investigating the crash. He seems to have been keeping track of her and reporting back to remaining members of MAPPO. A few day later this unit tracks down Vanity while she was having lunch, he used his nanobots to disarm her and kisses her in order to convince her to go to Ivory tower to confront Obadiah Horn and how is is profiting on Elephantmen. This happens to be the same day that Tusk's head was delivered to Sahara, the duo was blamed for the crime and had to quickly run away. After separating himself from Vanity Simm report's back to his boss who will send an extraction team. After the call he is shot in the head by The Silencer. His body is dumped in the river, unbeknownst to the silencer Simm is not dead he escapes his bag and now malfunctioning, he kills the extraction team and goes on a rampage looking for Vanity. The met its demise at the hand of Samuel Purchase when he attacked Vanity and Sahara.

Meanwhile a different model has been following Hip Flask, when Hip arrives at Skycab he is attacked by Simm and implemented with new nanochip. He was destroyed by Ebony a minute later. The Information Agency took possession of the unit in order to examine it. This is when Vanity realizes that she had been duped.

When the hidden MAPPO base was under attack they released 8 of their models but they were all destroyed by Ebony and Hip

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