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Created by writer Michael Fleisher and artists Steve Dillon and Kevin Walker, The New Harlem Heroes debuted in 2000AD prog 671 (and are not to be confused with the original Harlem Heroes by Tom Tully and Dave Gibbons).

Silver Weir is an urban guerilla strategist and anti-megacorp revolutionary. Ultimately apprehended by government agents and sentenced by secret tribunal to Subterarranean Penal Colony 14.

Silver's expertise is heavy weapons and demoltion. Inventor of the 'Nova' Grenade and numerous other highly explosive innovations. Her most noteworthy achievement is single-handedly blowing up the multi-national headquarters complex of Chem-X International Megacorp.

The New Harlem Heroes are all criminals serving time in SPC-14, the worst subterranean penal colony on the planet. Here, beneath the dull glow of the halogen arcs, a motley horde of hardcore criminals, politcal dissidents and deviants of every description toil in the mines until they drop dead from exhaustion....

Escape is impossible, but Silver, Slice, Patrice, Trips and Deacon all think overwise - becoming the New Harlem Heroes they want out!

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