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 The Silver Sword

Doctor Kaua was the curator of the Hawaiian Historical Museum and an archeologist who wanted to become a superhero and protect Hawaii like the great Kamehameha did. His goal is to preserve Hawaii's tradition and culture.  He hoped he could get power from ancient Hawaiian artifacts.  He thought the Spear of Lano would be that artifact but it was stolen by Scavenger.  In discuss at its loss he walks on a secluded beach when he finds an unexploded ordinance.  Upon examination, it explodes and a strange metallic substance embeds him, giving Kaua super-powers. The substance files a sword shape gash on his chest.  The gash was caused by the initial explosion.  He calls himself Silver Sword and claims to be the true hero of Hawaii and defender of its tradition and culture. He even makes his visage to look like the Great Kamehameha.  Not really a villain, but a misguided fanatic, Silver Sword clashed against Superboy various times.


 Morphing a Mace

The "liquid metal" that covers Silver Swords body moves on his thought as fast as he can think about it.  It is a strong as steel and protects him from harm.  It also can take the shape of what ever Silver sword wants it too.  He usually transforms it as large and sharp claws and swords that he wields in battle.  The suit also gives him the ability of flight.

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