Why do you consider Silver Surfer a hero?

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He's taken part in mass genocide multiple times.

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The vast majority of his actions are in the service of life and the greater balance of the multiverse. The worst of his past was done while Galactus had twisted his soul and he has been struggling to make up for it since. Attrition is a bitch.

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He's taken part in mass genocide multiple times.

Which aren't entirely his fault. Galactus altered his soul to make him a better herald and less caring about life.

After that, he's dedicated his life to protecting the universe. So yeah, he's a hero.

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@fearlesswolverine said:

He's taken part in mass genocide multiple times.

Indeed. Galactus "deadened" that part of his conscience that would've...well...would've made him protest and not carry out his task of wiping out entire planets to sustain his master. Alicia Masters re-awakened his human side...when he later realized what he'd done...he was grief stricken. This is a key element to understanding this character: at the core of it all, he is always trying to atone for his past "sins" by doing right by people. He won't kill now...unless under the most extreme of circumstances.

I suppose on some level, he represents the will to carry on and do good in life even after you've screwed up. I find the character very compelling, among my favorite characters of all time.

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@fearlesswolverine: Aside from the times Galactus has altered the Surfer's soul the Surfer can sometimes mitigate the damage caused by Galactus' feedings. Galactus will feed regardless. Several of Galactus' past heralds have not cared about what planets Galactus feeds upon or will slaughter the native population. Surfer tries to seek out uninhabited planets, warns the natives, and sometimes aids in the evacuation. This way Galactus causes less damage then he would otherwise.

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he does good things.

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He sacrificed himself to save his planet/race.

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