than who can beat silver surfer?

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except spawn ,i know a villian dfinite can beat silver surfer 

Archangel  Zadkiel 
Angel of Vengeance 
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@Sexy Merc: 
he would lose  
if it's classic he could lose to other heralds superman, majestic, Thor or beta ray bill could beat him curent they would probably all be defeated
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the eraser.

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Dr. Doom
Lex Luthor 
Red Hulk 
and many, many more. 
I just always keep in mind, just because SS is arguably one of the top five most powerful superheroes in comicbook history, that doesn't make him undefeatable. The above characters I've mentioned all stand a good chance against surfer or have beaten him before, for various reasons, such as greater cosmic awareness, superior intellect, more raw power, or just one of those "over-powered' villains. 
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That list would take forever so I'll just give a sample:
-Any of the Endless
-Lucifer Morningstar
-Micheal Demiurgos
-The Darkness entity (not Jackie Estacado, the real Darkness)
-The Angelus (again, the entity)
-The Weave
-Doctor Solar
-Nabu Doctor Fate
-Classic Doctor Strange

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possibly in the right conditions
Beta Ray Bill

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...a very old joke, but still amuses me.
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@bloodvice said:
"Galactus  Thanos Anti-Monitor Dr. DoomLex Luthor Solaris Red Hulk and many, many more.  I just always keep in mind, just because SS is arguably one of the top five most powerful superheroes in comicbook history, that doesn't make him undefeatable. The above characters I've mentioned all stand a good chance against surfer or have beaten him before, for various reasons, such as greater cosmic awareness, superior intellect, more raw power, or just one of those "over-powered' villains.  "
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@bloodvice: Rulk doesn't even stand a chance at all.  
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Zombie Hulk bit off his head.  So Zombie Hulk. 
Red Hulk does have a chance because he can drain cosmic energy he did it to surfer once and stole his board form him.
Galactus can destroy him 
Sentry maybe 
Molecule man (if he had first strike)
Thanos with the gauntlet
Thor when he had Odin's power might have some magic that could do it. 
Maybe Professure X could get him to kill himself... nah
Dark Phoenix? 
Nova the other herald?
With enough prep Batman Bruce Wayne
With enough prep Reed Richards or Dr. Doom
Morgan Le Fey (Marvels) maybe via time travel

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um doom? red hulk lol now theres a easier way to beat surfer
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SA Superman
Black Adam
Insane Genis-Vel
Odinforce Thor
Rune King Thor
Mr. Majestic
And more

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SPORTSMASTER VICTOR GOVER! He's a master of any American sport!!!

And me, Damian Dean!!!!
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zadkiel can't beat surfer. anyway current herc sure can 
and of course batman :)

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i think Superman can beat him, if he unleashes all his powers to maximum capacity!, also New Son Gambit can kill him easy...

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superman could with phantom zone projector doom could by draining the cosmic so could red hulk.

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Sadly the Surfer is not much of a fighter. You could probably increase the list.

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 "The oldest living entity in the universe and, in fact, the first  "   
 "Galactus has appointed a number of beings to act as his Herald, with each bestowed with a small fraction of the Power Cosmic. "    
Should be obvious, from the last 75 years it's not about who's the most powerful, but what the... 

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superboy prime

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superboy prime
I don't see how, unless they got rid of those pesky weaknesses to radiation
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@Sexy Merc said:
who is this?
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Surfer is a top tier A lister and would rank next to Pre Crisis characters


Lex Luthor !? NEVER

Thor maybe if he has he Odin Force but I'm not he jobs a lot

Rulk, he fought a weakened Surfer from the past timeline and the win was PIS

Sentry? Only if Bendis writes while smoking his crackpipe

Zoom!? WTF yes he is fast but he is a one trick pony and got his ass kicked by Liberty Bell and Wonder Woman...Surfer kills this lamo

Darkseid? Post Crisis is sometimes a really pathetic jobber, even when he does have a respectable showing he can barley win against Superman.

Black Adam - not happening

Beta Ray Bill - already lost, badly

Dr Manhattan - NEVER

Nova - NEVER


Emo Prime maybe...he's really tuff, can be a plot device when an idiot like Johns writes but he is slow, vulnerable to red sun and weak against a mind fuck


Majestic yes he might take the majority

Ion yes even retcon wins, he is more powerful

Pre Crisis Darksied - yes, easy win

Doom with prep - yes

Phoenix, yes very easy
Mxy, yes easy

Squirell Girl, well she's beast everyone

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@Caligula: No to Dr. Manhattan

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@Sexy Merc said:


Majestic is awfully close. There are a handful of others. Classic Strange. Dr Fate.

Thing with the Surfer is he so FRICKIN' fast, it's ridiculous. He reminds of Supes a bit, because he rarely, if ever utilizes his powers to their full extent and tanks a lot of shots he could simply avoid. But he is certainly way up there on the power scale.

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And don't forget that he's from a utopian society which main philosophy is peace that is why he always hold back if he was not doing so i don't see anyone with prep time or not beat him down and don't forget he's also a scientist from his home world. So He will beat



Lex Luthor & Batman (i don't even know why people brought them)


and coe only Mr MXY, Darkseid pre-crisis or the new Thanos( Thanos Imperative). Thor Odinforce boosted

and Majestic could beat him

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Thor used to be able to.

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The way i see it a lot of characters can beat silver surfer but not too many can kill or destroy him however surfer can kill a lot of characters

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regular savage hulk could....come on really no one mentions the hulk? hulk would tear him in half if he wanted to

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Is the power cosmic really watered down that badly?

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Any of the other Heralds has a fair shot at beating Surfer, also Galactus can just remove his power and just let him die in space.

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Well, for starters, it should be someone who can move at least fast enough to move from one point in time to the next. Obviously, someone slower than this is gonna get smacked....unless, we are talking characters so powerful that speed is only a secondary consideration if at all. Thanos and Odin come to mind. However, The Runner has beaten him, not on speed, but on strength alone (see SS3vo2). I would also say Zoom II...but...I have to wonder how he would bring permanent damage to Norrin who can go intangible. Zoom II is certainly faster (the fastest character in all of comics as far as I'm aware...), but again Norrin's intangibility presents a problem for Zoom II, who lacks a DC speedsters mastery of the speed force and can do cool things like bring a character out of their intangible state. Also, Dr Strange should be able to take him as long as he has the protective shield of Cytorrak up, he should be good to go.

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Superman cannot beat Silver surfer unless if he had a Phantom Zone or if it's Silver age superman.

Thanos can, Thor definitely, Mr. Mxy, Dr. Manhattan would die!, Red Hulk cannot, the red hulk beating surfer was bad writing. Onslaught possible,

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regular savage hulk could....come on really no one mentions the hulk? hulk would tear him in half if he wanted to

No, no, no! Have you ever done any research on Hulk v SS encounters? Hulk has like one lucky win in the Planet Hulk story where he needed the help of his warbound friends to take down a severely weakened Surfer who was without the power cosmic, which is his USP and the equivalent of removing Hulks ability to get stronger as he gets angrier. Even in this condition, the Surfer was proving too tough for Hulk until he got help. Hulk then surprise attacked the Surfer after he had stopped fighting and smashed him repeatedly. The Surfer got up a short while later with no visible marks on him! Most times they have met, the Surfer has just removed Hulks gamma powers, tis simple. I wish Hulk fans would stop over-estimating their character's abilities against far more powerful opponents! Thor is capable of stopping Hulk due to mjolnir, but Hulk doesn't have the ammunition, sorry.

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One Above All

Living Tribunal






Mad Jim Jaspers

Any Celestial


Franklin Richards














Alien Entity








Molecule Man

Rune King Thor

Divine Spawn




Dr. Strange




Elaine Belloc

Great Evil Beast



The Fenris Wolf

Emperor Joker

Superman Prime













Just a TINY fraction of entities who could beat the crap out of Surfer.

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THOR has.

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@thorson: only pre-annihilation plot device warrior madness Thor with the power gem

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..and yes Superman could. I think Surfer would probably win the majority of their encounters, but Superman is probably stronger, very very fast and has superb combat speed. If he managed to move quick enough to avoid a cosmic blast and get in a hit, he could win. Equally, on other occasions, Surfer has the ability to do a real number on Supers. There are a number of characters who could beat SS, but equally SS would beat the majority of characters..

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