Silver Surfer Respect Thread

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My Goal: Make a Proper respect thread for the Silver Surfer.


First we will cover the Silver Surfers strength, and back them up with feats and scans

1: Physical Strength

Silver Surfer blasts Super Skrull with one punch

Grabs Rhino by the Horn

Busting up a Doom-bot

2: Durability

Surfers reaction to a punch from Iron Man

Surfers reaction to a punch from She-Hulk

Skrull-weapons are nothing to the Surfer!

An Entire Fleet's bombardment is nothing to the Surfer!

Withstands a quiet word from Black Bolt

Takes a back-hand from Galactus

Takes a hit from Drax, seems talkative afterwards.

Seems to be able to fight opponents while inside the pulling gravity of a Black Hole

Withstands Blows from the Hulk

3: Speed

Travels Lightyears in seconds

Travels Half a Million Lightyears in seconds

Goes across the Universe

Takes a Few seconds to search the planet...

(Hulk has nice shows btw)

Faster than Quasar

Easilly dodging Missles

Speed-blitzes Vibranium Walls...

Part 4: Senses

Sees Electromagnetic Energy of Sea creatures

Senses Skrull by Heartbeat

Hears a Meteroite lightyears away...

Can see in Micro-scopic, Sub-atomic levels, as well as the EM Spectrum and Spectro levels

Can track Space-dust....

Senses Gladiators weakness....

Can sense purpose behind destruction.(although this COULD be metaphorical) O.o

Senses attributes from other people

Senses trouble on Earth

Senses hidden passage

Senses half the Universes Population dying before Dr Strange does...

Senses presence within a Space Rift

Part 5: Psi Powers

Can see Psions

Absorbs Psychokinetic Energy

Has Empathic powers


Part 6: Cosmic Power

Disables Spaceship effortlessly

Destroys Dooms Castle in one blast

Creates a Black Hole...

Drains Gamma Radiation from Hulk

Absorbs Firelords power and blasts him with it

Draws energy from Black Hole

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Any news on an ongoing Silver Surfer with Marvel NOW
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Norrin Radd is ...really rad'.

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*cough* KMC Jocker *cough*

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Very nice. Will add considerably to this once I can upload images again.

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Good Thread


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