Silver Surfer and his board

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I'm still on a learning curve when it comes to the Silver Surfer, so need some clarification please! The Fantastic Four movie seems to suggest that if he is separated from his board, he loses his powers. In the Planet Hulk story, the Surfer had the board strapped to him and didn't have the power cosmic, however I think this was due to the disc that was on him. So how weak is the Surfer when separated from his board and does he have to actually be standing on it to get full power? The FF movie made him appear really weak without a board, whereas in the Planet Hulk book, he wasn't scratched by anything even when not stood on his board and denied the power cosmic. By comparison, the Hulk was bleeding after the Surfer head butted him!

I'm assuming the FF movie just downgraded the Surfer's abilities, because my research indicates he is still a tough dude without that board.

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The fantastic four movie took tons of liberties with silver surfer and the losing powers by being no connecte dto his board is untrue.

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Surfer is not powerless without his board, the board is a means of transportation. The board is apart of him because he is mentally linked to it and can make it do whatever he wants. Nobody can take the board from him (like in the movie) and gain powers from it. They can try to take the board but it wouldn't do anything until Surfer called it back to him. The board has been destroyed before and Surfer has been able to repair it with ease.

Surfer's powers come from the cosmos itself. The disc in planet hulk cut off Surfer's connection to the power cosmic which is why he was powerless. The board became immobile but still retained its durability. Surfer also kept his strength and durability which is why he was able to hurt hulk and why hulk wasn't able to serious damage to him.

Without his board, Surfer still has all of his powers and can do anything except fly.

Here's his wiki if you want to learn more about his powers and board.

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Seems like he flies when jumping from his board.

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BoltagonPrime covered it mostly. There is no connection between Surfers powers and his surfboard. Te board is only a means of locomotion.

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