Silver Sufer # 1, what do you think?

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..So Surfer fans, (I assume there are some out there on CV, but the Surfer forum is always quiet, so I do wonder sometimes!!)...Issue 1 is out, we've read it...did you like it?

I think it shows promise. A bit different and with a bit of humour, like it.

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@bezza: Yeah, still waiting for something awesome from him.......he is capable of so much more.The drawing however, him at could have been better.

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I liked it, but I'm not a pre-existing Silver Surfer fan/reader, for what it's worth.

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I was pleased with the opening issue. Slott hits the tone of the character quite nicely, acknowledging his rather bleak past but promising a compelling future. Aside from the cutesy deadpan humor from Norrin (a bit forced), Slott and Allred have given an interesting new take.

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I enjoyed the first issue.

I think this volume of the Silver Surfer is going to be one for the books. I look forward to great things from this creative team. I expect there will be some humorous moments as Slott is known for that.

This is going to be a fun ride.

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I'm hoping that Surfer and Thor cross the cosmic path sometime down the line. If only to see Ribic draw them both.

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@bezza: I was disappointed with the first issue. I get that Slott is going for a more British sci-fi style book and that's fine but I just think he hasn't got a handle on Surfer's dialogue yet but hopefully that gets better as he get's in to his grove also I do really like the Allreds but I think there art on Silver Surfer was very sloppy. Space is meant to be huge and awe inspiring but the Allreds have compressed it all so there is like 7 random planets in the background of every panel, it makes it feel very small also the backgrounds themselves consist of bad photoshops instead of actual drawings, it's like they spent more time drawing that crazy planet than they did the rest of the book.

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I've not read Silver Surfer with any consistency before so I guess it's easier for me to go with the flow, so-to-speak. It's disconcerting finding the character be less formal in his speech patterns and not too sure about the whole "human disguise" thing he had going on in that preview story that came out. I don't know if he ever had that ability before, I am assuming not.

Allred is a favourite of mine so I did get a visual treat, throughout.

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@lykopis: did you not think the space backgrounds were pretty bad?

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Interesting comments. This is my first Surfer comic, so I guess I am starting with a clean slate.

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@bezza: In my opinion the best Silver Surfer story ever told was Silver Surfer: Requiem. You should really check it out.

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Not that.

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@lykopis: did you not think the space backgrounds were pretty bad?

I did cringe at the planet...and I did cringe in the preview story too...and I am hoping the cringing will get less...

Even though I really enjoy Allred, it's always with the story in mind and with the Silver Surfer, it might not work out very well. I just really want to give this book a chance but I am leaning towards your way of thinking in terms of how space appears under Allred's inks. :/

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I liked it, but I'm not a pre-existing Silver Surfer fan/reader, for what it's worth.

This for me.

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@lykopis: In my opinion space should look like this

Not like this

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I've been a surfer reader for a long time. I thought the first issue was just ok. A few of my favorite surfer stories are Requiem, The Herald Ordeal, and Return of Thanos. Hopefully the series picks up. I've been wanting a new Surfer ongoing for a whole now, I just hope it gets better.

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I've been putting off reading this until today because of the preview story in the ANMN book. I hated the dialogue and most of the character designs.

I will say, the first issue wasn't as bad as I anticipated. I did not think the art would suit the Surfer at all, but it isn't as bad as I thought. The space artwork and character designs are a little lacking though. Still, I think I can get used to it. Some of it actually looks really good, mostly the Surfer himself.

There wasn't a lot of jokes and the Surfer wasn't completely out of character like in the preview. It is apparent Slott is probably not going to remain in continuity though. Technically, the Surfer is a herald of Galactus still and has been very recently (in the book it says he is not and hasn't been for some time). In fact, he's supposed to be tethered to Earth because of Fraction's dumb story with Thor. Additionally, Surfer mentions people close to him such as Shalla Bal, his mother and Nova, who are all dead. But, at least those are all people he has cared for, so there's that.

I'll keep reading and see where it is going. I've been dreading this since I first heard about it and since the preview. I guess it's time I just give it a shot, take it as it is and be happy my favorite character has a title. I hope it eventually proves me wrong and I eat crow.

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Agreed with above mostly, it was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I get the feeling Slott will inject the humor he is notorious for (i.e., Great Lakes Avengers) into the Surfer comics. Caught some of the tongue-in-cheek humor in the latest book, and I'm cool with that, as I would not mind seeing Norrin take a step forward from some of his more painful past. Incidentally, the colors on comixology for this comic are absolutely vibrant.

I've heard it said about Allred that you either love or hate his stuff. I suppose it depends on whether you are more of a traditionalist, or willing to venture into Allred's slightly impressionalized style, which is a definite departure from the status quo. I will admit, its taking me some getting used to, as I'm a huge Ron Lim fan. But I can see Allred's style growing on me.

Slott is a smart guy though, and I think good things will happen in this book.

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@jonny_anonymous: Well, since you brought it up, I decided to read it.

Either the art is really growing on me or they did a much better job with this issue.

I really like the Never Queen. I usually hate when a new cosmic character turns up because it's usually some uber-powerful plot device that contradicts the cosmic order. The Never Queen is a unique idea for an abstract. I dig it. I also like the twist.

I don't like the Surfer talking to his board as if it has a mind of it's own. It's one of the things that put me off in the preview. I just get the feeling it's going to become comic relief like it's the Surfer's dog or something.

I think it's a little weird how carefree Dawn is about her situation, but I guess we don't really know her character yet. What I didn't mention last time is it's strange that Dawn has also been wearing the same outfit her entire life. I also think it's a little weird that Zed has this incredible weapon yet never just went and killed the Never Queen himself (although I'm glad he didn't).

What did you think?

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@jloneblackheart: I'm still not sure tbh, it feels like the book is trying so hard to be Dr Who that it's lost its own identity. An I'm not a fan of anybody who uses Photoshop for space backgrounds

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I would really love to read this but the artwork looks really horrible. Does it get any better at all?

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Been a fan for decades. SS is my favorite. I was so excited to hear SS was getting a new set, however, after reading all four, I'm a bit let down. The art could be better, the humor is a bit much, the girl is nonplused about everything, and the dude with the sword could have handled that by himself--the most OP weapon ever. Ill still buy, read, and collect...but I'm let down.

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I'm sticking with Slott's Silver Surfer comic. Maybe not having collected a Surfer comic before helps, but I am really enjoying it! Its just different.

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I came into it with an open mind and I've enjoyed most of it so far, while I do prefer my Silver Surfer comics to be more serious, I don't mind reading ONE well-written run (keyword one) where it is a little light-hearted. Though they should stay away from Surfer making "pop"-culture jokes, just let another character annoy us with that crap.

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I haven't read it, art looks interesting. Slott's gonna kill off the Surfer and swap his mind with Jabba the Hutt, lol jk.

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Still loving this book.....its just so different from anything else out there..humorous witty, just good fun

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