Ratty Old Silver Surfer Comic Collection...

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I know it is nothing to speak of, but I wanted to at least say I had the original copies for the issues that I love so much (and I am not talking just in Trades). These issues are the ones represented on my "Marvel Room" office walls....

That said, the following are true "as is" quality pictures of my older issues - they might not be "Very Good", but that's "Fine" with me :)

Some obligatory Fantastic Four Issues (same deal, not great condition):

Finally, some others, just for fun:

So, what kinds of collections do you guys/gals have? Does everyone get their comics graded now? Are old comics just for fools like me who like to spend too much money?

I just can't see collecting without having some of the old nostalgia to experience. Maybe I am old fashioned...


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I know this is about 1 month and a half too late, but this seems pretty cool.

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Hey this is cool!!! I too have a large volume of old Fantastic Four issues - as you say - for nostalgia sake!!! But thats all from old Marvel bunch. I do have HUGE volume of Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman though.. right from 60s - but not 100% full though. I may say about 60%...

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Very Very Cool. My collection isn't huge. I started with the original Avengers Volume, and have about 150 of the 402 issues. Of course, hardly any are [extremely] old, so it starts around #180. I love all of the stuff from the 80's ^__^ I aim to get the earlier stuff when I have more money. Then, I collect Excalibur, with I have 117 of the 125 issues.very close with the rest hopefully coming on an order soon. Then I plan of collecting some more old Marvel volumes, mainly X-Men related (liked X-Factor, X-Force, West Coast Avengers, Alpha Flight). A LOT of Marvel teams really.

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Nice Collections. Iam sooooo gel. Lol. Silver surfer and captian mar-vell are my two favorite marvel characters.

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@thanobomb1124: Thank you! :) Yeah, I love Marvel Cosmic... Mar-vell is pretty far up on my list too!

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Great stuff man

tomorrow morning I will be able to purchase issues 14-137 for 50 cents each from a local dealer from Surfers old 1987 series.

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@Kallarkz: Sweet. Yeah, if you don't have the others in that series, they should be pretty easy to find... well at least 1-13 ... I had the hardest time finding 130+ ... I guess it all depends how much you want to spend. ;) That is a GREAT deal on 14-137 though! I hope you enjoy the Surfer as much as I do! :)

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