New Surfer Feat

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In Deadpool Team-Up #883     
Wade becomes a Herald of Galactus. Shortly after he gets fired by the G-Man himself, and Surfer comes to collect. A fight ensures, and I cant tell if Wade drops the Sun on Surfer or simply manifests this HUGE fire ball. What ever it is, its bigger than the planet, and Surfer manages to rebound it like in DBZ. Although I'm iffy on Deadpool Team-up being cannon.




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Technically it's not canon, but I'll call it a feat. Surfer can do some pretty crazy things.

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Yeah, I don't think that's really canon, but awesome scans.  
You can still use it in DBZ battle threads though, they seem to consider everything canon....

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I think you just sold me on a Deadpool comic!

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@GalactaSurfer said:
" I think you just sold me on a Deadpool comic! "
who you tellin!!!

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