Comic Book Arcade: Silver Surfer for NES

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 Notice all the negative space on this title screen? You'll begin to feel it after a minute of gameplay.
Strap yourselves in because it's time to play a game everyone is sure to tolerate... Silver Surfer for NES! Released in 1990, by Arcadia and Software Creations, Ltd, this game sends Silver Surfer, on his cosmic surfboard, through a slew of both Galaga and side scrolling inspired levels that are sure to frustrate the gamer.
The mission is simple: Galactus sends the Surfer out to get pieces for a machine that he needs to stop some force from destroying all life in the universe. Blah blah blah. Galactus is too lazy to do it himself I guess. So off you go to pick one of five levels, some of which are overhead shooters, like Galaga. and others are side-scrolling. Each level has three sections, and a mini-boss. After you've collected 5 pieces of this device you need, you go to another level and fight some more, but don't worry, you won't be making it that far. Why? Because this is one of the hardest games for the NES. I'm not kidding. I looked it up online, and everyone agrees. 
In Silver Surfer, the controls are pretty simple. You can move him around the screen with the D-Pad. One of your buttons shoots, while the other does nothing, unless you have a power-up, then you can move which direction that power-up fires. The select button kills everything on the screen. I kept hitting it in hopes that Silver Surfer would die as well. As always, the Start button pauses the game. With all these great tools, you'd think this would be a cake walk... You'd be wrong. Why was this game so hard though?
== TEASER ==
Best strategy for this scenario is to look away and hope luck is on your side.
The goal of this game is to lose, so it will haunt your dreams and give you nightmares. Why is it so hard? Here's the rundown.... 

  1. If Silver Surfer gets hit at all, he dies.
  2. If Silver Surfer hits an obstacle on the map, he dies.
  3. Some obstacles are ok to travel over, some are not, but there's no real way to figure it out, unless you just go for it.
  4. Most enemies die after multiple shots.
  5. A vast majority of the time, multiple enemies are shooting at you from different angles.
  6. While fighting mini-bosses, multiple enemies will charge you.
  7. Some mini-bosses' movement is erratic and unpredictable. 
  8. Each time you die, you're sent to the last checkpoint or the beginning of the level.
 You'll become VERY familiar with this screen.
You must be thinking, "how did you get anywhere in this game then?" The answer is incredibly simple: I cheated, and I cheated well. If you hit "up" on the d-pad of player one AND player two's controllers, a password box opens up. Input one of many codes that you have to find online, and you're good as gold. However, back in 1990, you probably called Nintendo Power's help line and paid to have someone tell you, and if you didn't have two controllers, you probably never got past the first section of any level. The terrible part about this was I tried... over and over and over again to be at least one section of this game, and I couldn't do it. The only way to beat ANY level was to cheat, and even after doing so, I was bored to tears. This game just wasn't exciting.
 Castlevania's leftovers. Their terrible terrible leftovers.
Sure, you've got Mephisto, some Skrulls, and other familiar characters from the Marvel Cosmic Universe in the game, but other than that, you'll be completely lost. For instance, why is Silver Surfer shooting ghosts? And why are they so darned hard to kill? Why are ghosts the only thing recognizable in this game? Why can't Galactus get off his lazy butt and do it himself? 
This is the first time where I have nothing really positive to say about a game. Sure, it's really dated, but at least with many comic book games during the early 90s, I could pick out something cool or interesting. Well, Galactus is in the cut scenes, but I'm so mad at him right now because he couldn't get off his lazy butt to accomplish the mission himself. And since he sent Silver Surfer to do it, life ends, we all die, and Galactus stays hungry for eternity. (I'm assuming he lives through all of the destruction) Have you guys ever played this game? Did you break anything while trying to play it? Can I borrow someone's Game Genie?
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@Kamen Rider Kajiki: Classic AVGN.
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lol avgn
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I Remember this Game... It wasn't that great.

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anger management 101 game...
seriously, just don't

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Haha you can borrow my game genie anytime. I'm pretty sure I've still got it kicking around under the stairs along with my NES system.
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@mickoreo_LZ said:
" Haha you can borrow my game genie anytime. I'm pretty sure I've still got it kicking around under the stairs along with my NES system. "
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@Kamen Rider Kajiki: 
Thats exactly what I thought of as well lol. Good times.
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This game made Fester's Quest seem like a cake walk

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this game was SO hard  
and not nearly fun enough to make up for it
I stuck with it and eventually beat it (and had a very triumphant moment ) but the music was the only thing I really felt was above par
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As much as I hated this game mainly because of how f^%king hard it was. I still couldn't get tired of it cause I just SOOOOO badly wanted to beat the f&%ker.  
And who the hell was that Crocodile dude , one of the bosses?
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lol, Galactus is a lazy jerk. But yeah this game looks infuriating.

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@Kamen Rider Kajiki:
DAMN IT!! you beat me to it! curse you....
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angry youtube video is funny

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+40 Catman points for namedropping Nintendo Power.

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After just two minutes of play time, I am incredibly frustrated. Stupid game *shakes fist*

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@Kamen Rider Kajiki: as much as i like the nerd, I think Until We Win does a better job of showing HOW effed up this game is   
  To avoid wasting 18 minutes, just skip to about 55 seconds on part 2 watch until the game starts then skip to around 6 minutes to see why this game is cosmically effing you in the A.
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That is still one of my favorite AVGN episodes. 
"So many obstacles, it's unbelievab- I CAN'T TOUCH THAT RED POT?!"

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@Kamen Rider Kajiki: 
that shit is hilarious haha
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I actually beat this dirty bastich of a game.  Took a long time, but I got it done.  Now if only I could beat Super Mario.

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@Fantasgasmic: @Kamen Rider Kajiki: Props to both , for posting some AVGN and Lord Kat
#22 Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir (18976 posts) - - Show Bio
@inferiorego: Props for playing through this and for my new avatar 
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Has anyone ever finished this game without cheating?

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I never played this game, but from the sound if it, that's probably a good thing. I don't have any tolerance for impossibly hard games.

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I never knew the Surfer's board had a fin!?! :-)

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People make this game sound worse than it is.
I actually was able to finish it easy.
It's like a broken, rushed, unfinished, buggy Shoot 'em up.
If you played some R-Type in your life, you'll master this quickly, as broken as it is. (you'll just never replay it simply :P)

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Another great article, please do Captain America and the Avengers
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@Emperor Gonzo Noir said:
" @inferiorego: Props for playing through this and for my new avatar 
we're on the same page....
@leokearon said:
" Another great article, please do Captain America and the Avengers "

Don't worry, it's on the list. Both the NES version and the arcade version, which are two entirely different games actually.
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I wouldn't cheat even though the games are not fun to play. It's not even a fun game to begin with.

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Cool article, but you left out one of the craziest parts about this game (especially for this audience). The setting for the game is "Sinister's Magik Domain" -- as in Mister Sinister. The X-Men villain. He's supposedly the mastermind behind the whole thing, but we only ever see his actual image (I believe) in the attract mode and in the face pictured during the final battle (the monster you fight looks nothing like him).

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I found these in a Guardians of the Galaxy comic. These ads are from January 1991.

I want a Silver Surfer jet ski....

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