Black panther put Silver Surfer in an amrlock!?

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I'm speechless whoever wrote this dumb crap needs to be barred from writing ever again!  They got paid for this crud?! What do you think?

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wow no way lol where did you find this?
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It's one of those comic moments you pretend never happened.

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SS could have broken that hold with his pinky just ignore it theres a scene something like this where a character with no super strength disables Thor with "god pressure points"
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@coolbeans said:
" wow no way lol where did you find this? "
It was in another thread a guy posted it, and I almost crapped myself in anger.
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When I read it I wanted to scream... it's from Fantastic Four #545 or #546, "courtesy" of Dwayne McDuffie.
I wonder what the hell Tom Breevort (FF editor) was smoking at the time to allow such a thing to be published.

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Wow, he could have twitched his way out. 

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what's on Panther's arm the Surfer Nullifier?
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I laughed pretty hard. But what are writers supposed to do with vastly outclassed characters? I kind of sympathize.

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Not to mention the fact they are in space and BP has no kind of space suit on or anything. For someone who doesn't want the world to get involved in Wakanda and wants to protect his people he sure does stick his nose into alot of people's business.

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Oh, well if he has a plot device on his arm, it's not that bad. 

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That's great news! So, if I ever get attacked by a Kryptonian, I can break their arm, despite them being capable of lifting hundreds of thousands of tons because they have a humanoid physique! That makes so much sense! 

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@Jake Fury said:
"what's on Panther's arm the Surfer Nullifier? "

@Jake Fury: It is an oxygen tank. Also surfer could have easly blasted him or punched him in the face to get out. This is BS.
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"one of the biggest PIS moments of all time" said in best kanye voice

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What's next? Huntress breaking Superman's arm( no offence to any Huntress fans)?
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@coolbeans: It's from an issue of F4, when Reed and Susan went of vacation to work on their marriage after Civil War and BP and Storm joined the team, I couldn't believe it when I saw it.
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that wstays in this thered and this therad alone 

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The whole story with BP and Storm joining the FF was crap. Not only would the Silver Surfer be able to break any hold the Black Panther could dish out, that's not even a hold. If they were going to try this crap the least they could have done was some research on martial arts or something, at least try to make it convincing. This was hardly the end of the PIS if you read the story, but this was probably the worst of it. Black Panther and Storm would not have even survived with what Stardust did to them. Look at the bottom of that scan - that's one dead Panther.
Let this thread die so we don't have to remember this anymore. 

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@Kala: so that happened before the arm lock? then what's the problem?
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I mock this incident a lot, but in its defense, eh, its not that bad to me, really. 
This is how the writer justified it? If this was Batman would people care as much? Why? Why not? (well that was one way they did)
Me? I justify it because I know that Surfer was sort of wanting to help them, kinda but not too explicitly. Or in other words, if Surfer decided to flex his shoulder, Panther would have been sent flying. Just because a character talks, does not mean the character is stating a tested fact, and fans should not assume otherwise. Even in that sense, the artist made it look a lot worse than maybe it should have been? (does sort of look like Surfer is grimacing) and thus the writer has also conveyed that this scene did not translate as well to the viewer as intended.  
No biggie. I think Surfer got knocked down by a falling wall before as well. Thor gets this happen to him a lot, Hulk as well, etc etc

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@fodigg It happened after
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@ fodigg. Actually it happened later! Again the energy drain plot device is an example of lazy writing and research. Yes you could drain the surfers immediate store of power, but what's to stop him simply absorbing it back again either from the device or from the cosmos? The surfer can also channel cosmic and other types of energy from outside himself. He should be able to do this even if he is drained of his own power stores. Since the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe was published , detailing how the Surfer's powers work, this type of writing no longer cuts it!

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Just to clarify
Surfer wasn't held in a hold. I haven't read the issue in question so maybe the writer forgot to write it down...

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@jashro44 said:

Just to clarify Surfer wasn't held in a hold. I haven't read the issue in question so maybe the writer forgot to write it down...

Yeah, we know.

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@ReVamp said:

@jashro44 said:

Just to clarify Surfer wasn't held in a hold. I haven't read the issue in question so maybe the writer forgot to write it down...

Yeah, we know.

- That still does not explain why Black Panther would be written as dumb enough to actually think the maneuver would work or even get within a mile of Silver Surfer and try it. Considering Panther is a master martial artist and one of the top minds of the Marvel U, the idea he would ever believe he had the upper hand is BS.

- I'd like to see his answer to this and see if he thought I had poor reading comprehension...or admit the whole scene was a joke

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- I actually just remembered that he passed away last year and I now feel like a complete a$$ for asking for an answer even as a joke

- Excuse me while I remove foot from mouth

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@WarMachineMarkV said:

- I actually just remembered that he passed away last year and I now feel like a complete a$$ for asking for an answer even as a joke

- Excuse me while I remove foot from mouth

Dead or not, his answer was full of s***. It's a valid question, one I asked myself. He probably would have just been rude to you if he were around to ask. He was known for being defensive and mean to fans.

I guess it was in another thread, but I basically say the same thing. Also, I read his whole run, and I guess I have poor reading comprehension as well.

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Lmao! I'm just waiting for Static to pop in, have deja vu and probably a migraine, and wonder if he want's to bother himself again.

- On a side note this was also followed up with a conversation in a not to later issue in the same run with a conversation between Surfer and Panther,

I posted the scan about the vine in a few of the same topics as this one somewhere, but I'm digging with this connection. I'm fairly certain the issue was

Fantastic 4 #550 though for anyone wanting to do the hard research (really anyone should read the full original as well before casting aspersions anyways.)

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@WarMachineMarkV: Yeah, no one is denying that part of the problem, but that's a much more expected problem in writing. Maybe he didn't know about Silver Surfer's power levels well enough or... Yeah, its stupid but whatever.

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I think ultimately it's fair to say looking at the responses here, the adjacent threads, but mostly, the fact that 1.) readers agree that he couldn't have done it and 2.) the writer and the brass agreed he didn't, and all time past since the incident, that it didn't happen and that's where it stands.

Personally I read his whole run. It was, well it was fun you know? But it was too fun, like the talent was more showing their characters big in lights, and doing all these zany things but in the process not minding the technical. I'm saying this for the whole run too which was filled with silly most of the way through, the Cosmic Marvel Zombies issues and the last bit where a team-up occurred to save Eternity, well yeah, it was all pretty sidetracked in every direction.

@WarMachineMarkV: Surfer would let him. He's taken far worse without shuddering and stood talking peacefully. He's taken even worse then that and been knocked down and continued what he was doing and trying to reason things out. Surfer is Godlike, most attacks aren't even a concern of his despite knowing their happening. Meaning in this too many many smart and versed characters have tried it. One could reason that it was a gesture to let Surfer know how Panther felt and nothing more, since in issue #500 Panther so much as admits he stood no chance at all, and knew it then. One could. What's more reasonable is the writer and the artist were trying to make Panther look cool for the readers eyes (see: above). They weren't bad, but they're sort of known for one of the lesser and least taken serious runs of the Fantastic 4 in history, and oddly as the kind of cartoon like method they were employing in F4 was out of date at the time. I'm more towards your statement if you can't tell. Sometimes the talent makes mistakes, and sometimes their not in their element with a series, or not taking it as seriously as maybe they should. It looked just as silly when I first read it I can tell you that.

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- I understand what you mean by trying to make Black Panther look cool - WOW ! look at Panther manhandle Surfer, what a bad-a$$

- It's just that he is pretty much the last character you would ever expect to throw tactics out the window and try to go MMA on a former herald of Galactus

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