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Another offering from Marvel Knights. Guest-starring Dr. Strange!!

His time is short and getting shorter. Like a fish swimming upstream, the Silver Surfer is drawn to the familiar waters that birthed him. But the path to Zenn-La is neither clean nor straight. To reach his destination, the Surfer must travel through a battlefield of unimaginable scale, and cut to the heart of a Sacred War that has raged for untold eons. Is there time for one last stab at redemption?

Before leaving Earth, the Silver Surfer was met by Stephen Strange. He told Norrin that he, along with many other great minds (heroes and villains alike) had heard of his condition and had struggled to find a cure. Unfortunately none had been found. All Strange could give the Surfer was a special flame. One that contained all the knowledge on the planet Earth. It was split in two parts, one that held the knowledge before the arrival of the Surfer, and the other had all the knowledge created after his arrival, after he had saved their world. The Surfer put the flame inside of himself and after one last look around the planet, took off into space.

Flying amongst the stars, the Surfer was called onto a ship flying nearby two armies waging battle on other ships. Aboard the ship, the Surfer saw two aliens, one from each of the races fighting. They told him the reason they had called him and why they were fighting in the first place. Both races were from planets near each other and had studied one another for many many years. Each thought that when they finally developed the ability to communicate with each other, they'd find that they were the same and worshiped the same god. When they finally met and saw that their gods were different, a war began. They had battled for over 50 generations but since they were so equal, neither could win. These two aliens were the leaders of their people and sat in comfort while their races killed each other, but they had called the Surfer to decide which was right and to destroy the other. Instead, the Silver Surfer flew out into the midst of the battle and destroyed the weaponry on both sides. He then went down to the planets and destroyed all their temples. The aliens put aside their differences and became peaceful, but not before one last act of violence. They killed their leaders who had been relaxing while they had been dying. Instead of putting up new temples, both planets erected monuments to the Silver Surfer.

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