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The Silver Surfer is found crucified on the planet Brekknis. The Brekk, who believe the Surfer to be their savior, manage to get his down. This is the last straw for the Brekk, and they are ready to start a war with the Ama. The Surfer says that no war should be started in his name and leaves. The experience aboard the Organpirates craft gives the Surfer the idea to ttravel to the astral plane.
It is here he mets a cosmic entity and it immediately attacks him. He settles the creature down and they begin to speak. Taking the form of the Surfer's beloved Shalla Bal, the creature tells him that the Ama have kidnaped it's offspring (the creature who the Surfer has fought twice) and plan to use the Surfer to start a war with the Brekk, which is already beginning. The Surfer agrees to help the being gets it's child back but has a favor to ask.
The Surfer barges into the quarters of the Empress. She tells the Surfer the secret, bloddy history of the Brekk and that they must be destroyed. Just then, Tol-Wes in his battle armor smashes into the chamber. The Surfer stops them from killing one another and gives them an ultimatum. The first planet to attack the other will be destroyed by the planet eater, Galactus (who is an illusion created by the cosmic being).

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