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Seeking only to help the helpless, the Silver Surfer rids an alien city of a demonic threat and is declared a Savior by its beleaguered inhabitants. As assassinations, political maneuverings and simmering tensions fester in the shadows, the Surfer must question whether a figurehead – even a reluctant one – is responsible for the actions of his disciples…

Brewing conflict leaps from the page, as artist Tan Eng Huat (Doom Patrol, Batman) and writer Simon Spurrier (2000AD, Gutsville) step-up a gear in the Surfer’s most explosive adventure yet.


The Silver Surfer continues his battle on Brekknis with the strange creature that is attacking the populous. He fights the creature on the astral plane and is able to subdue it. To thank the Surfer for his help, the Empress arrives. But she insults the Surfer instead, making the Brekk angry with her comments about their savior.

The Surfer is then met by the leader of the Brekk, Tol-Wes. He tells the Surfer the history of their planet and that they do not wish to be a part of the Ama Collective. He wishes to start a war with the Ama and tells the Surfer that he is their savior. The Surfer refuses this position and leaves the planet.

In space he is attacked by the Organpirates and captures. Somehow, the being he fought on the planet is also aboard the pirates ship and it siphons his energy. The pirates have been commanded by Ruqtar Koil of the Ama Collective, and his orders are to crucify the Surfer.

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