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Silver Surfer is trapped inside the mind of Supreme Intelligence causing him to think improperly. The Surfer views this as a nonsensical world.

Nenora contacts the Skrull command to inform them of the situation. Kylor tells her to steal the soul gem. She says his guard will not drop enough to do so but the conversation is cut short when a Kree approaches. It is Master Pap-Tonn who is experimenting with the Surfer's board but it seems impervious to their tests.

Surfer is still wandering Supreme Intelligence's mind where things are almost seeming to make sense. He somehow gets the message that Mantis has been captured by the Elders. He is greeted by Contemplator in his astral form.

Contemplator tells Supreme Intelligence that Surfer's soul is free inside of him. Supreme Intelligence says that it is of yet unassimilated and that it will be. In his mind he controls the Kree to attack the Surfer and assimilate him. A silver dog assists Surfer reminding him he is not alone. Surfer begins to regain his identity and fight back, but without his Power Cosmic.

Meanwhile, Shalla Bal wonders about Mantis as she realizes that Surfer didn't leave her but that she pushed him away. She uses her Power Cosmic to try to contact Mantis.

Surfer meanwhile realizes he is in some type of dream that is mixed with others dreams. He is now greeted by a silver falcon. They are attacked by Supreme Intelligence in the form of an octopus dragon. The Surfer manages to call his board from the lab which flies into the Soul Gem on Supreme Intelligence's forehead. With his board Silver Surfer escapes Supreme Intelligence's mind and takes the Soul Gem for himself. This causs the mind of the Supreme Intelligence to come apart.

Shalla Bal finally receives an answer from the message she sent to Mantis but not by who she expects.....The Gardener.

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