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Nova is in grief over the Surfer's death. But he was only faking it to get the man to leave him alone. Nova is embarrassed but she cannot remember anything after she left Galactus. They travel together to find the only one capable of finding Galactus.

They arrive to the asteroid where Firelord buried Air-Walker. His consciousness had been transferred into a robotic body. They use their power to charge up the cosmic cells which run him. He is revived but has a simple memory and attacks them. He is automatically wired to the last moments of his life - being attacked.

Morg resurfaced from the well that can grant great power. He is alive with power now, mystic and cosmic. He returns to Galactus, who is surprised by his resourcefulness.

Air-Walker comes to before he kills his old friend, Firelord. He is able to recognize him but still has many clouded memories. Firelord tells him that he will help him remember, but that he must help them to stop Morg. Air-Walker tells them where the Galactus is. Surfer suggests that if they are headed in that direction they may find themselves another ally - Terrax.

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