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Galactus hungers once again. Nova returns to the ship and tells Galactus that there are no suitable planets nearby. But Galactus has been watching her and knows she is lying. He tells her that her insolence will stop now, and encases her in energy. He travels to the nearby planet, populated with millions to teach her a lesson.

Galactus is met by the local executioner Morg. He has no fear of Galactus and claims he does not care what he does to the planet, only his survival matters to him. Galactus spares him and consumes the planet's energy. He tells Nova she is free to go and never to bother him again. She cannot believe she is being replaced with a madman. He warns her to leave before he deals with her harshly.

Morg agrees to serve as his herald without question. He uses his Power Cosmic and creates his newest herald, Morg. He grants him power to rival the Silver Surfer.

The Silver Surfer arrives at Galactus' ship to speak with Nova. Galactus tells him that she is gone forever. He then tells Morg that the Surfer is an unwelcome guest and needs to be removed.

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