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Silver Surfer has returned to Zenn-La only to find three Kree warships ready to invade. He destroys one in orbit and one on the planet. The other he disables and tells them that Zenn-La is protected by him and neither the Kree nor the Skrulls shall take control of it. The commander tells him he must speak with the Supreme Intelligence.

Before he leaves he speaks with Shalla Bal as more of a servant than a former lover. He tells her of Mantis and she tells him he should have waited a little longer to which he replies he has waited long enough and leaves her in tears.

Back on Earth, Mantis has arrived to spy on the meeting of the Elders. It is revealed that the Elders have five of the six Infinity Gems which they plan to use to kill Galactus. Contemplator is trying to secure the final gem. Gardener uses one of the gems to control the plants to capture Mantis and even she is unable to make the plants work for her with the power of the gem against her. She manages to use all of her strength to get a message out to the Surfer on Zenn-La, but only Shalla Bal receives it.

Meanwhile, Surfer goes to Kree-Lar and meets with the Supreme Intelligence. He agrees the Surfer's request to leave Zenn-La out of the conflict but refuses to leave Earth out of it. The Surfer tells him to think again because this may cause him to ally with the Skrulls. With a flash of light the Surfer is incapacitated. He reveals he has taken his soul from him with the use of the Soul Gem he acquired to control the blue minds racial hatred of the pink minds he has acquired over time.

He tells the Contemplator that he cannot give him the gem but at least the Silver Surfer will not have to be worried about.

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