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When the Silver Surfer fights his alter ego "dark side", he realizes that there is no way to defeat him because they are two pieces of the same person. He then discovers a way to bind them together and get his powers back!

Silver Surfer fights with his alter ego, which is created by his past sins. He tells the Surfer that he refuses to admit his existence, but now he will not be able to refuse him. He claims he is everything the Surfer is afraid to be and that he will kill him.

The Surfer tells his dark side that he cannot battle and he is powerless. As master of the realm, the Shadow Surfer gives him his powers back and they battle. The Surfer realizes there is only one way to defeat himself. Neither one can win and that they are the only two pieces of the same person. He touches his dark half and they combine, the Silver Surfer is finally whole.

Garnok then appears to the Surfer again. The Surfer asks why he is still there since he embraced his secret self. Garnok informs him that this was a choice. The Surfer choose the side that tried to conquer him. Captain Marvel represented the side of his psyche that wanted to guide him. Now that the choice is made it cannot be undone. He must now remake himself.

Surfer does not waste his oppurtunity and tells himself he will finally have peace. He tells the universe that he is Norrin Radd and he is the Silver Surfer and he is finally whole.

The Surfer returns to the Collector. The Collector discovers that the virus he was supposed to be carrying is not present. The Surfer informs him that when he cleansed his psyche the virus must not have had weakness to feed on and it was vulnerable to his cosmic immunity.

The Collector is infuriated. He informs the Collector he had figured out his plan to use him and the Collection Agency to secure his possession. The Agency informs the Collector they will no longer work for him since they can no longer trust him. Surfer thanks him for inadvertantly helping him achieve the peace he sought.

The Surfer then returns to Thanos' shrine to Mistress Death to destroy it and finally end the Infinity Gauntlet in his mind. But he is met by the newly formed Reptyl.

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