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The Silver Surfer is brought to the the Collector... And the whole Universe hangs in the balance!

Silver Surfer meets Collector on his ship which has crash landed. He is attacked by one of Collector's robot sentries and destroys it. The Collector tells him he did not know anything was still operable since the ship is so badly damaged.

He tells the Surfer that the Brethren destroyed the inside of his ship and let his specimens go. One of those specimens was a young girl infected with madness inducing virus. The symptoms of this disease are dementia, paranoia, schizophrenia and hallucinations. All those infected eventually die. The virus spreads like wildfire. He wants Silver Surfer to have the parent virus infect him so he can return it to the Collector and stop the spread of the disease.

He sends the Surfer to where the girl went in an escape pod, a spaceport in the Byrulian system. When he leaves the Collector also hires the Collection Agency to obtain the virus and the Surfer for him.

The Surfer arrives and is able to find the location of the girl. When he arrives to where she is he is met by the Collection Agency who have killed everyone inside.

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