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The Skrulls under Emperor Kylor have attacked a Kree outpost. He plans to cripple the Kree defenses before they can destroy the Skrulls. Meanwhile, the Supreme Intelligence gathers his controllers, Phae-Dor, Tus-Katt, Nenora and Nullet to coordinate a counterattack.

Back on Gullish-Yar, Obliterator tells his story and the Elders plot to Surfer and Mantis. The Elders believe that if they kill Galactus then reality will be destroyed leaving only the Elders as a race of Galactus-like beings. He tells them the next meeting of the Elders will be on Earth. They leave Obliterator behind on the planet to wallow in his misery.

Phae-Dor has been placed in the strategic location off Sandomar II belieeing it to be the next Skrull attack point. His plans are to blow up the planet and destroy the Skrull fleet. But as they approach they disengage their attack. Supreme Intelligence contacts him and tells him there must be a Skrull spy and to return to Kree-Lar at once.

Laughing over his deception, Kylor is contacted by Yorak, another Skrull claiming to be Emperor. Kylor tells him he is the one and only Emperor and Yorak says he will discuss this with the other warlords, which Kylor could care less.

Traveling to Earth, mantis again tells Surfer of her feelings for him. He again tells her the Silver Surfer is meant to be alone. She sees through his lies and they embrace one another.

Supreme Intelligence has gathered the controllers to determine which of them is the traitor. He has checked every record of all of them and determines that none of them is the spy, but since Nullet cannot speak that it must be him and destroys him. In her thoughts, Nenora reveals that she is the true spy. She suggests that the Kree coordinate with world not under their control so the Skrulls cannot get them to join them.

As Surfer and Mantis return to Earth he is contacted through the Power Cosmic by Shalla Bal. She states that the Kree-Skrull War has begun and Zenn-La needs his protection. Although he knows that the Elders plan to destroy reality he chooses to protect Zenn-La. He leaves Mantis behind to travel to Earth alone.

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