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While Adam Warlock discusses his plans with the world's heroes, the Surfer decides to get away a little bit. The city is in a state of destruction. He flies to Central Park to relax and enjoy nature. He soon finds that a tiger is on the loose. He goes to examine where the animal came from and finds the Central Park Zoo.

He soon finds that the animals are being released by the Rhino. He tells him to stop and that it is dangerous to let them loose. Rhino just wants them to be free before the world ends and possibly create a little chaos.

They begin to battle and soon it is revealed that Rhino is no physical match for the Surfer. They stop fighting when they hear a gunshot.

They find a local police officer has shot the tiger. Rhino is very sad about this and realizes that it is all his fault. Surfer uses his Power Cosmic to revive the tiger. He and the Surfer reconcile and put all the animals back in their cages. Surfer tells him he hopes their next meeting will be pleasant but the Rhino says he doubts it.

Back at Avenger's Mansion the Surfer runs into the Hulk, who is suddenly interested in defeating Thanos.

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