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Drax and Firelord are on Titan and they are trying to find out why people are disappearing. The Mentor has disappeared and now so has Starfox. Neither Drax nor Firelord know how to use a computer and recruit a young boy whose parents have disappeared.

They travel to ISAAC, Titan's all knowing computer. Inside, they view a video captured of the Surfer battling Thanos on the Moon. Firelord believes Thanos to be killed but Drax disagrees and finally remembers about the Infinity Gauntlet. Firelord believes Drax to be a moron who doesn't know what he is talking about and they become angry with each other.

Drax attacks Firelord and they fight for a bit before Drax comes to his senses. He remembers that he wasn't always so dumb and that when he came back to life his brain wasn't the same. Firelord finally understands and they head off together for Earth to find the Surfer.

On the way, they are mystically transported to Avengers Mansion by Doctor Strange. There, all of Earth's heroes are gathering to take on Thanos and his threat to the universe.

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